Picking the Best Cozy Loungewear and Joggers for Tall Women

Picking the Best Cozy Loungewear and Joggers for Tall Women

With Spring fast approaching, it’s tempting to leave our joggers and loungewear behind as we move towards dresses, shorts, and t-shirts. Despite our yearning for summer, there are still going to be some cool days and nights ahead. What better way to stay warm than with a pair of women’s tall joggers or pajama pants, made especially for women with long, lean legs?

This Spring, we’re all looking forward to some new fashion trends after spending months and months indoors. However, even with warm weather and outdoor gatherings approaching, we’ll all still need cozy staples that we can wear at any time of the day or night. When you’re taller, it can be tricky to pick out the right size of any garment, including joggers, sweatpants, and pajama pants. There’s nothing worse than trying on a pair of beautiful flannel pajamas or colorful joggers only to find that they’re way, way too short.

Today, we’ll show you how to pick out the best women’s tall pajama pants and loungewear, and care for them so they’ll remain an integral part of your wardrobe long-term.

Sizing Tall Women’s Pajama Pants
Everyone deserves to feel good, even when they’re just lounging around the house. A matching pair of pajamas is a great way to do that. The best pajamas are comfortable to wear, and tailored to your style. Most brands carry a variety of tops and bottoms and allow you to mix and match. It just gets a bit complex if you’re on the taller side and need to find extended lengths that work for your frame.
To pick the right size, look at the length of the leg, as well as the rise from crotch to waist. Both should fit comfortably, with the leg length sitting at or below the ankle. Tall women’s pajama pants should never be too tight, instead skimming your leg straight from hip to ankle.

Picking the Ideal Joggers for Tall Women
The difference between pajamas or sweats and joggers is that joggers are typically cinched in at the ankle, while pajamas and sweats fit loosely through the whole leg. Because of the tighter hem at the ankle, it can be trickier to fit joggers.
womens-tall-joggers womens-tall-joggers
You’ll want to make sure the ankle hem sits right above your ankle bone, without crawling too high up your calf.

Caring for Your Lounge Wear
Caring for your loungewear will prolong its life and keep you comfortable for years to come. Care will depend greatly on whether your loungewear is made from cotton-polyester fleece like our beloved Garment Dye Sweatpants for tall women, or a mixture of synthetics like our open bottom lounge pants.
women-tall-lounge-pants womens-lounge-tall-pants

Always check the label, and when in doubt, avoid using hot water or a high heat dryer. If you’ve opted for a more delicate fabric like silk or chiffon, you’re better off handwashing anything you don’t want to ruin. 

womens-tall-sweat-suit womens-tall-sweat-pants
Find the Best Lounge Wear and Joggers for Tall Women
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