Our Favorite Tall Women’s Sweatpants for Better Lounging

Our Favorite Tall Women’s Sweatpants for Better Lounging

There are plenty of different ways to outfit yourself when you’re just lounging. Some women prefer loose-flowing dresses or tees and skirts, while others prefer sweatpants. There’s no wrong way to do it. However, if you’re shopping for tall clothing for women, sweatpants can be a challenge to fit correctly.

Being tall doesn’t mean that you’re limited to choosing other forms of loungewear. We believe that you should always be able to enjoy the loungewear of your choice, regardless of your height.

Also, no one wants to be limited when there’s so much loungewear out there to explore! From the traditional Hawaiian muumuu to the Mexican China poblana, there are tons of different options available today. While they may have a reputation for being frumpy, we truly believe that modern-day sweatpants can out-cozy them all.

Today, we’ll explore the benefits of various styles of tall women’s sweatpants available from the American Tall shop, and show you why these options would make a great addition to any wardrobe.

The Best Tall Women’s Sweatpants Available Today
When it comes to sweatpants, there are lots of different options available today. Each fitting choice, from the waistband to the length to the material, makes a huge difference in the overall look of the garment. Don’t be afraid to buy a few different pairs to try them out. It can be hard to know how any pair will fit until you’ve tried them on for yourself, washed them, and spent a few days lounging around.
Plus, don’t be shy about stocking your wardrobe with multiple pairs. Sweatpants are becoming more stylish in 2021, and many people feel completely comfortable wearing a pair of joggers or cropped sweats out around town.

Let’s explore some of our favorite styles of tall sweats for women.

Garment Dyed Tall Sweatpants
This classic style is typically known as a ‘jogger’. These sweats are cut in a flattering silhouette that echoes the line of the leg without being too tight, then they’re cinched in at the ankle. It makes them comfortable to wear while maintaining a casually stylish look. Plus, our version comes with a ribbed side panel to add visual interest, and a drawstring waist so you can customize the fit to your exact proportions.
womens-tall-sweat-pants womens-tall-sweat-pants
These sweats are made from 80% cotton 20% polyester fabric, which offers unparalleled comfort that will never shrink or stretch out of shape.

80-20 Open Bottom Pants
Our 80-20 open bottom sweatpants have more of a vintage shape, with a slim straight cut leg and an open bottom that falls right to the ankle. The 80% cotton 20% polyester fabric is both light and warm, and is completely shrinkage controlled so they’ll never lose that shape you love. Choose from black, charcoal mix, or grey mix.
tall-womens-open-bottom-sweat-pants tall-womens-open-bottoms

Tall French Terry Jogger
Looking for a classic jogger shape that offers warmth as well as style? Our tall French terry joggers are made with 100% cotton fabric cut into a super-flattering shape that looks amazing on any tall woman. The little details are what make this garment. The ribbed waistband and cuffs are perfectly proportional to your frame, and the knee and seam details ensure these will last for years to come.
tall-womens-joggers tall-womens-joggers

Shop the Best Clothes for Tall Women at American Tall
Shopping for clothes as a tall woman doesn’t need to be hard. Visit our online shop at American Tall to find beautifully made clothes that are specifically designed to fit a taller woman’s frame. From sweatpants to dresses, we offer a ton of options.

Shop online today to find the perfect outfit for your next lazy Sunday.