Our Favorite Tall Women’s Clothing and Style Tips

Our Favorite Tall Women’s Clothing and Style Tips

Shopping for tall women’s clothes has always been a challenge. The reality is that the majority of clothing sold at local retailers is designed to fit women of average height. In North America, the typical height of a woman varies depending on a variety of hereditary and biological factors, but is generally thought of as anything between 5’1” and 5’6”. In the 1940s, any woman over 5’6” was referred to delicately as “long-stemmed.

So, what do you do if you’re 5’7”, or taller? You’re usually stuck with whatever’s left on the rack in a size that's often too large in the waist and hips. When shopping online, you often can’t tell if a piece of clothing will leave your wrists or ankles bare after it’s been washed.
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Our Best Tips for Buying and Wearing Tall Women’s Clothes
You shouldn’t have to be a runway model to find clothes that fit. Today, we’ll showcase some of our favorite tips for shopping and dressing when you’re taller than average.

1. Know what you can buy off the rack
Being tall doesn’t mean that you’re automatically excluded from buying clothes off the rack. It just means that you need to understand your body well, then purchase clothing that works for your frame.

For example, if your torso is an average length, you may be able to purchase t-shirts or tank tops in standard sizes from most retailers. However, that doesn’t mean that the rest of that retailer’s clothing line will offer the same great fit. Be patient, try things on, and build a closet of staples that work for you.

2. Find specialty shops offering tall clothing for women
Instead of trying clothing on brand-by-brand to see what works for you, search out retailers that exclusively offer tall clothing for women. These brands know how taller women’s proportions work, and have designed entire clothing lines to match.

3. Create the illusion of curves by pairing loose and structured garments
Once you’ve found pieces that work, you can start to play around with your silhouette. If you’re one of those taller gals who has lots of height but not as many curves, you can create the illusion of a curvier frame by pairing a loose garment and a structured garment together. Try a loose top with a pair of skinny jeans, or a high-waisted maxi skirt with a fitted tank.
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4. Wear heels!
Ignore anyone who has ever told you that tall women have to wear flats. If you want to rock a pair of heels, do it! Don’t let anyone tell you what you can and cannot wear.
If you’re nervous about drawing too much attention to your legs, find a pair of heels with an ankle strap to visually break up your leg line, or wear a taller pair of heeled boots.

Find Every Style of Clothes for Tall Women at American Tall
Your body shape shouldn’t define anything about you, including your style. Being tall may feel limiting when well-fitting clothes are harder to find, but once you find pieces that work, you can start building a wardrobe full of outfits you love to wear.
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At American Tall, all of our clothes are made with tall proportions in mind. Shop our women’s collection online to pick up everything from jeans to sweats, tees, and more, which are all made to fit your body shape.