Looking Sharp This Summer is a Short Thing

Looking Sharp This Summer is a Short Thing

Dressing for summer weather can be challenging. In the winter, you can just add layers and layers to make yourself warmer and warmer. In the summer, there are only so many layers you can take off.

One of the best ways for tall men to keep cool in the summer is with tall shorts, but there seems to be a problem with men either wearing shorts all the time or insisting that shorts are an overall no-go – and then feeling like they might die due to overheat.

Regardless of whether your hometown only gets hot in the summer or is hot all-year-round, there is a right time and a wrong time to wear shorts.

When to Wear Shorts

We’ve evolved as a society to a point where showing some leg, no matter who you are, is totally okay! Wear shorts on the weekends, around town, running errands, to the movies, to summer BBQs. Wear them any time you want to feel the breeze on your legs or if you’re feeling particularly proud of your calves that day. Trust that your calves are fantastic. All calves are fantastic.

And we know. Shorts for you, a tall man, are hard to find. In regular stores, you’ll be lucky to find ones that reach even 2-3 inches above your knee. The average pair of shorts ends up showing off more of your thigh than you might be comfortable with, or they’re too wide.

Don’t worry though, we at American Tall have got you (and your thighs) covered.

Chino Shorts

Like our Men’s Tall Chino Pants, American Tall chino shorts look great on anyone. They fit perfectly, look fantastic, and are super comfortable, making them perfect to wear on a date, in the mall, and in the office if they allow shorts. They’re 98% cotton and 2% spandex, meaning these shorts will feel lived-in on first wear.

 tan-tall-chinos airforce-blue-chino-shorts firebrick-red-tall-chino-shorts

Here’s how you might wear chino shorts for a night out on the town.

Start with our Men’s Tall Polo Shirt in Green. The collar of the shirt classes up the outfit and unbuttoning it will bring that more casual summer feel. The green color looks good on anyone and everyone, so don’t worry about this not being the color for you.

Pair the polo shirt with Chino Shorts for Tall Men in Stone. Stone, as a neutral color, will balance out the bold color on top, and as previously mentioned, are wonderful shorts to wear on occasions such as these.

Finish the outfit with a nice dark pair of boat shoes, and you’ll be dressed to impress. 

Oxford Shorts

American Tall Oxford shorts are perfectly light, perfectly breathable, and extraordinarily comfortable. Whether you wear them for a walk through the park or on the golf course, these shorts will keep you classy and cool, literally. 

 grey-tall-oxford-shorts blue-tall-oxford-shorts cranberry-tall-oxford-shorts

Try this style when you dress up for a breezy summer day.

Use Tall Men’s Oxford Shorts in Cranberry for the base of the outfit. Don’t fear the color! This cheerful pinkish-red is very in and just screams summertime. 

To keep it classy and summer-themed, wear a Tall Men’s Short Sleeve Button Up Shirt in Blue Check open over a Slim-Fit Crew-Neck Tall Men’s Tee Shirt in White. Light blue and light pink are complementary colors, so this light blue checkered top will pull the outfit together. The slim-fit tall tee shirt is flattering, comfortable, and looks great under anything or on its own if it gets too hot for layers.

A neutral toned pair of comfy canvas shoes will balance the bright colors and complete the summer look and feel.

These are just two examples of incredible outfits you can base around American Tall shorts. Explore our full collection for even more possibilities.

Bonus: When Not to Wear Shorts

The list of settings where you shouldn’t wear shorts is pretty short.

  1. The Office: Unless you work as a personal trainer, camp counselor, landscape architect, or anything else that requires a lot of physical activity or time outdoors, shorts are too casual for work environments, even “business-casual” ones, unless HR specifically says otherwise.
  2. Very Special Occasions: Weddings, fancy restaurants, and various religious ceremonies are all places where you should not wear shorts. The occasions where you can’t wear shorts are usually very important, so showing up in even the nicest shorts may be seen as disrespectful.
  3. When it’s Cold Outside: This should go without saying and is more for your protection than anything else. The only exception is swim trunks or board shorts during a polar plunge. Otherwise, no…just, no.

That’s it.


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