Living The High Life

The Tall Book: A Celebration of Life on High by Arianne Cohen

Finally, a book for and about tall people that’s not a cheesy, lowbrow joke compilation.

The Tall BookThe Tall Book: A Celebration of Life on High,
written by the award winning journalist, TV producer and Ted-Youth speaker, Arianne Cohen, is an intelligent, witty take on going through life with (a lot of) extra height. A tall woman herself at 6’3”, Cohen knows firsthand the struggles (doorways, anyone?) and successes (tall people earn approximately 2.5% more per inch) of being tall, and, thus, has written a book that’s both personal exploration and critical examination.

From essays on the challenges of dating––both a tall person and as a tall person––and airplane seats to interviews with the tallest people in the world at the European Tall Club Convention, Cohen offers up a thoughtful, entertaining study on a subject not widely considered.

Available online at Barnes & Noble, Amazon and Indigo book stores.