Shirts for Tall Guys: If The Shirt Fits...

Spring is here––really––and that means (tall) t-shirt weather. Which means t-shirt shopping that until now, meant change room frustration with ill-fitting shirts clearly not designed for a tall guy like yourself. Luckily, you’re covered now with our slim and tall tees, but when trying them on at home, remember these tips to ensure you’ve found the perfect fitting shirts for tall guys.


Step 1: Check out your butt

T-shirts shouldn’t hang more than a ¼-inch past your backside. If they do, those shirts for tall guys may be too long.

Step 2: Reach up

Lift your arm above your head to make sure it’s not too short. Only your belt should show, no skin.

Step 3: Test the chest

Shirts for tall guys should feel comfortable across the chest, not too tight (do you look like you’re stuffed into it? Get a bigger size) and not too large (there shouldn’t be room to hide a small animal underneath it).