High Fashion: How Tall Men Should Dress Their Upper Half

As a tall man shopping for shirts at a department store, you’ll probably end up with something resembling either a halter top or a toga, and nothing in between. You could try the big & tall store, but their products are more catered to “big” than they are “tall”.

You can only dedicate so much of your precious time to shirt shopping. So, instead of finding a shirt that’ll best compliment your outfit, you usually end up purchasing the first shirt that fits.

American Tall’s clothing inspires tall and slim men to stop settling for mediocre fashion choices. And since you’ll actually have time to work on your outfit, we’re offering helpful tips to find the most stylish clothing for your upper half:

Don’t Double Down on Your Height

Vertical pin stripes are meant to create the illusion of height. For instance, Danny DeVito would benefit greatly from pin stripes! But you’re already tall, so embellishing your height is unnecessary.

Instead, look for subtle plaids or textures when buying dress shirts. It’ll give you a classy, understated look, like the debonair stud your mom says you are.


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Solid Colors are a Solid Choice

Solid tees give you that every day, grass-roots look, while balancing out your inimitable height. In other words, a minimalist approach maximizes your unique, superhuman features.


Matching with anything from jeans to corduroys, sports coats to leather jackets, or wing-tips to high tops, a solid tee conveys a casual yet sophisticated nature.

Less (Buttons) is More (Flattering)

Sports coats and blazers with two buttons are more fitting for your proportions than their evil, three-buttoned counterparts.

(Pro tip: Keep your second button unfastened while standing, and neither button fastened while sitting.)  

Learn to Love Layers

There’s nothing worse than being given a sleek-looking leather jacket or blazer that’d be a welcome addition to your wardrobe…if it weren’t so darned short!


You don’t need to let this gift from the fashion gods go to waste. Layering with a longer t-shirt, or a Washed Oxford shirt underneath detracts from the jacket’s lack of length.

Sleeves Make the Man’s Shirt

Short and baggy sleeves won’t show off all that added muscle you put on at the gym to complement your rangy qualities. 

Slim fitted tees have narrower, form-fitting sleeves, so the gun show can be on full display. You don’t want all that iron-pumping to go to waste!

Shopping for clothing with a long and lean frame is hard, but American Tall makes it easy. We proudly design stylish yet functional clothing for men between 6’3” and 7’1”.

At American Tall, we give new meaning to high fashion. Check out our selection of tall tees and dress shirts for tall men!

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