How tall is tall clothing?

Anyone over 6’3” who has ever spent time trying on clothing in a mall and walked away satisfied should get a prize. We mean it. It’s incredibly annoying to walk by racks and racks of clothing only to find that everything is way too small, or looks baggy when do you manage to find something that fits your wrists or ankles.

Shopping for tall men’s clothing can be really frustrating. We get it, because we’ve been there. You shouldn’t have to be as influential as Dwayne Wade or D’Angelo Russell (GQ’s Most Stylish Basketball Player of 2019) to find a suit or pair of jeans that actually fits. So then, what should tall guys wear?

Today, we’ll dig into some of our best style tips for tall guys, and talk about how you can make shopping for tall men’s clothing easier.

Our Best Tips for Dressing as a Tall Guy
The principles of dressing as a tall man are pretty simple, but when your height draws attention to you wherever you go it’s important to get these basics right.

1. Get the Fit Right
What looks good on tall skinny guys? First, and most importantly, the fit should be right. Nothing calls more attention to you than a shirt that reveals inches of your wrist, or a suit jacket that’s way too baggy. Ill-fitting clothes call attention to your height, but not in a good way. When your outfit is sloppy, it makes you look young and inexperienced.

Shop carefully to make sure your clothes fit well. A few well-made dress shirts can elevate your entire wardrobe.

2. Opt for Slim and Tall Men’s Clothing, Not Big and Tall
While the inseams and arm measurements of slim and tall and big and tall clothing may match up, there’s a huge difference when it comes to the overall fit. Big and tall clothes are designed to fit guys who are bigger in the waist, and often end up looking baggy on guys who are tall and slim.

What type of clothes should a tall skinny man wear? There are a lot of choices, but you’ll need to find clothes that are marketed as slim and tall, rather than big and tall. Or, if that isn’t an option for you, try to get big and tall clothing tailored so it actually fits your body type.

3. Don’t Be Afraid of Tailoring to Help with Extra Tall Men’s Clothing
Tailoring is the silver bullet for tall guys. Tailors can add length to pants that fit in the waist but are way too short in the leg, or take in a shirt that’s too baggy but fits your arms. It may cost a bit extra, but having clothes that fit is definitely worth the price.

4. Mix and Match Accessories
Don’t be afraid of mixing and matching accessories. A lot of people prefer to keep it simple and opt for shoes and belts that match their outfit. However, tall guys really benefit from accessories that ‘segment’ their height. Think a brown belt and shoes with a navy suit.

5. Choose Subtle Prints
Tall guys need to be careful to avoid large prints, especially in a head-to-toe application like a suit. Loud prints with large illustrations can be overwhelming if you have a tall frame. Instead, stick to small, subtle prints in more muted colors.

Looking for Tall Men’s Clothing? Online Shopping is Key
Wondering “how should I dress for my tall frame?” There are lots of ways to compliment your tall figure. Making sure you have clothes that fit is the first – and most critical – step.

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