Finding the Best Tall Men’s Clothing for a Day at the Beach

Finding the Best Tall Men’s Clothing for a Day at the Beach

In most parts of North America, it’s either beach season now, or it’s so close you can almost taste it. Before you get started packing your beach bag with your favorite tall men’s tees and shorts, let’s talk about how to hit the sand in style.

Although style choices are important when it comes to beachwear, it’s critical to pick out an outfit that also offers protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Sunburn is a sign of exposure to UV rays, which can increase a person’s risk for melanomas and other forms of skin cancer. 5 million people are treated for this type of cancer in the United States every year.

The ideal beach outfit must be stylish, but should also offer sun protection, and all without getting damaged by sand or seawater. It can be a hard needle to thread, especially if you’re on the taller side, which can make shopping more challenging. 

Shopping Tall Men’s Clothing for Your Next Beach Day
Instead of trying to find shirts or shorts for tall guys at your local big-box retailer, shop for your next outfit at a dedicated tall men’s clothing retailer like American Tall. Our clothing for tall men is made specifically for guys 6’3” and above, giving you plenty of options with measurements that will always fit your frame.
When it comes to a beach day, there are lots of must-have items that will make every outing a success. Here are some of our top suggestions for how tall guys can dress well at the beach.

Wear a Hat
One of the most important things you can do at the beach is wear a hat. This helps shade your scalp and face from the harsh sun. Our favorite American Tall baseball cap is available in black or navy.
tall-mens-hat tall-mens-hat

Waterproof Footwear
The last thing you want to wear to the beach is a pair of shoes you care about. With all the surf and sand everywhere, it won’t take long for your slick loafers or leather sandals to get wrecked.
tall-mens-shoes tall-mens-shoes

Instead, opt for our lightweight slides, which are sized specifically for taller feet. These slides are made with a molded EVA footbed, which can stand up to both heavy use and moisture.

Swimming Gear
Whether you plan on swimming or not, you should have a swimsuit available at the beach. Our swim trunks all come in fun patterns, and are cut specifically for the longer legs of a taller guy. Choose from one of our ten different colors, or buy a few and mix it up.
tall-mens-swim-suit tall-mens-swim-trunk

Tall Men’s Shorts
When it comes to buying beach-ready shorts, finding a good fit can be challenging. Tall men’s shorts are designed to fit both a longer inseam and longer rise (waist to crotch length), making them a more sensible pick than the average retail pair.

Don’t mess around with wearing shorts that are too heavy or structured on your next beach day. The beach is the perfect place for breathable fabrics that can stand up to a bit of wear and tear. After all, no one wants to walk off their beach volleyball game just because they’ve ripped their shorts.

Board shorts are super flexible, and can be worn as swimming gear. Athletic shorts are also a great choice. Since they wick away moisture, these will keep you much cooler as the temperature starts to rise.

The easiest way to look and feel great at the beach is to find an outfit that offers flexibility and breathability. For a great selection of tall men's t-shirts, shorts, and any other accessories you need for your next beach day, come visit us at American Tall.