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Finding the Best Tall Jeans Available Today

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a woman in possession of gorgeously tall legs, must be in want of a good pair of jeans. Shopping for jeans as a tall woman can be incredibly frustrating. Most mall retailers and big-box stores only stock up to a 34” inseam. When you’re looking for tall women’s jeans with a 36” inseam (or more!), your choices are limited. It’s hard to feel your best when you’re forced to settle for one of the limited pairs that stores stock in taller sizes.

At American Tall, we believe that tall jeans should always flatter your figure and make you feel confident. That starts with finding the right fit. There’s a lot more at play than just the length of your legs.

Today, we’ll talk about how you can find jeans that fit well, even if you’re over 5’7”.

How Do I Find My Perfect Jean Size?
Finding the right pair of jeans is about more than length. Sure, you don’t want your jeans to look like floods, or leave your ankles exposed in the middle of winter. There’s a time and a place for capris!

The three most important areas of a jeans’ fit are waist, hips, and length. When you first try a pair of jeans on, they shouldn’t gape at the waist, or feel too tight. The same goes for your hips, although getting the fit right here is a bit easier if your jeans are made with some stretch.

One tip that might help is to look at the crotch area of the jeans. If you’ve got a lot of excess material there, the waist and hips on that pair are too large. If you’re feeling constricted, the pair is too small.

As anyone over 5’7” knows, length is often the primary challenge when looking for tall jeans. Although it does vary by style, jeans shouldn’t pile at your ankles, or leave you anxiously tugging them downwards all day.


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Our Top Fitting FAQs
Want to get more specific about the fit of your jeans? We get lots of questions and have answered a few popular FAQs below.

What is a tall inseam?
Wondering what length is ‘long’ in women’s jeans? You need to look at the inseam size. It varies by brand, but typically an inseam is considered ‘tall’ or ‘long’ if it’s over 34”. The average inseam length ranges between 28-34”, with skinnies on the lower end of the spectrum, and bootcut or flared jeans a few inches longer.

Where should jeans end?
If you’re wearing shoes, jeans should either end just above the top of your laces, or ¼ – ½ inch from the floor for wide-legged styles.

Wondering where jeans should fall without shoes? Straight jeans, and any other style other than skinnies should fall just below the ankle bone, unless they’re fashionably cut longer, like a wide-legged flared style.

What are the best fitting jeans?
We’re often asked for our expertise on fit and style, but the truth is, jeans are so universally loved because everyone looks good in them. The best-fitting jeans are the ones that make you feel great.

Some people gravitate towards a boot-cut style, while others prefer skinny jeans. For tall women, we advise experimenting with different styles until you find one that works for you.
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Find Jeans You Love at American Tall
Finding jeans you love might take a bit of trial and error, but there’s no substitute for a flattering pair of well-made jeans that makes you feel unstoppable. To discover new favorites, try American Tall.

We love to talk all things jeans, and can always answer burning questions like “how tall is someone with a 37” inseam?” and “where should my jeans end?” Come visit us to shop a variety of women’s tall jeans today.
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