A Handy Guide to Finding the Best Gifts for Tall People

A Handy Guide to Finding the Best Gifts for Tall People

A Handy Guide to Finding the Best Gifts for Tall People

Most of the time, our blog is geared towards tall shoppers. The guys who need to search through a mall retailer’s entire stock before they realize that none of the pants are sized for their frame. The girls who realize that any dress they find is going to be just a few inches short of appropriate to wear to Grandma’s house. As tall people ourselves, we know these frustrations well.

However, today we’re branching out a bit in the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, and we’d like to talk directly to their friends and loved ones. If you’re desperately searching for the right gift for tall women or men, we’re talking to you!

If your loved one is over 6 feet tall, shopping for their gifts can be tough. Sure, there are some retailers that stock appropriately long arm lengths and inseams, but they’re few and far between. The holiday season is already so busy, and going store to store to compare sizing is just not practical. Wouldn’t it just be easier if there was an online retailer with clothes that were guaranteed to fit?

Oh wait: there totally is.

Ultimately, you want to find something that doesn’t just fit, but will be loved and lived in for years to come. Today, we’re bringing you our best tips for shopping for clothing for tall people. After that, we’ll show you how to find the best gifts for your tall loved ones. It’s so much easier when everything fits.


 Tips for Shopping for Clothing for Tall People

When you’re shopping for gifts for tall people, buying clothing can be complex. Thankfully, with our tips, you’ll see that great clothing can make a welcome gift for tall people.

Here are our tips for picking out the best clothes for people 6 feet and above.

1. Pay Attention to Inseams and Arm Length
When you’re picking out clothing for tall people, the standardized size is less important than the actual measurements. For tall people, you should always pay attention to inseam and arm length measurements. This tells you whether the item of clothing will fit, or if it will be too short.

2. Standardized sizes vary widely between brands, and have been changing year to year as well.
There’s no uniformity enforced within the clothing industry, so brands are free to do vanity sizing, which has expanded traditional sizes as small as 4XS and as large as 4XL. Shopping online for clothes is often easier, because brands will post relevant measurements clearly in the description. Compare those to your loved ones’ measurements to make sure you’re getting the right size.


3. Don’t Be Tempted by Big and Tall
Big and tall clothing is great for people who are heavy in addition to being tall. This type of clothing is designed to fit taller heights, as well as ampler waistbands. If your loved one has a tall and skinny frame, don’t buy them anything from a big and tall retailer. It may fit well through the arms and legs, but will definitely be too large in the chest, waist, and hips.

4. Buy Accessories
If you’re second-guessing your choice to buy a tall loved one clothes, you can always play it safe and buy accessories instead of staple wardrobe pieces. Think quirky socks, a great jacket, or a beautiful tie. These are great ways to boost anyone’s wardrobe, without making huge style choices they may not appreciate.

tall- mens - socks tall-mens-socks tall-mens-socks



tall-mens-tie tall-mens-tie tall-mens-tie



The Best Gifts for Tall Women

This year, focus on getting that tall lady in your life cozy clothes that actually fit. The best gifts for tall women are bought with this current moment in mind, which means lots of soft, easy-to-wear staples that are great for that work-from-home life.

1. Cozy Hoodie
The American Tall women’s hoodie is made to be oversized, with plenty of soft and easy drape that fits an arm length of up to 38.75”. The longer length easily drapes over the hips, with a generously-sized hood that cuddles up to your neck when not in use, warming you from all sides. It’s available in charcoal, navy, dusty merlot, and vintage black.

tall-womans-hoodie tall-womans-hoodie-sweats tall-womans-sweater

2. Bodysuit
You might not think of a bodysuit as a must-have wardrobe staple, but trust us – it is. With a well-fitting bodysuit, you’ll never have to worry about keeping your undershirt or t-shirt tucked into your pants ever again! It’s a great base layer for winter, perfect for skimming the lines of your body under a sweater, button-up shirt, or cardigan.

tall-womans-bodysuit tall-womans-bodysuit

3. Pajamas and Loungewear
Everyone deserves a matching pair of pajamas to wear on cold winter mornings. We’ve made the perfect set of cozy PJs, complete with a crew-neck top and a choice of French terry joggers or open bottom PJ lounge pants.

tall-womans-lounge-pant tall-womans-lounge-pants

 Whether you prefer tight-fitting or loose pants, you can pick the options that work best and gift a matching set.

4. Garment-Dyed Sweatpants
The ultimate accessory for 2020 is the jogger pant. These pants are incredibly comfortable, made with thick medium-weight loop-back fleece so they’re soft as clouds against your skin. The shape is perfect for taller women, with a generous inseam length and cuffed ankle so they stay put without getting in your way if you go out to run errands. They’re available in six muted garment-dyed tones including vintage black, forest green, navy, dusty merlot and khaki.

Tall-Womans-Sweatpants tall-womans-sweatpants tall-waomans-sweatpants


Our Favorite Gifts for Tall Men

The best gift for a tall guy is something that they wouldn’t think to buy for themselves. Depending on their taste, this could be anything from a sophisticated blazer to a pair of cozy lounge pants perfect for snuggling up on the couch.
Here are some of our top recommendations for the best gifts for tall men this year.

1. Performance Engineered Joggers
If your guy loves to hit the gym but usually does his reps in a pair of ragged old sweatpants, help him upgrade his style with a pair of American Tall engineered joggers.

These pants are 100% lightweight, made of performance fabric designed to wick moisture away so you don’t get hot and sweaty. Plus, they look great with any casual top, so they can pull double duty at the gym and at home as well.


2. French Terry Joggers
Looking for a pair of pants that don’t just flatter your frame but are cozy enough to wear in sub-zero weather? Look no further than our French terry joggers, made with soft and squishy loop-back fleece.

Their flattering cut, convenient zippered pockets, and flexible waistband make them easy to wear on the go, but it’s their soft and durable fabric that helps make them the top choice for a relaxing day on the couch.

tall-mens-jogger tall-mens-jogger tall-mens-jogger


3. Fitted Crew-Neck Sweaters
Need to look a bit more pulled together? Our fitted crew-neck sweaters are a great choice for any outfit this winter. They’ll add preppy style to a pair of jeans, or you can wear them with khakis or dress pants for the perfect date night outfit. Choose from classic colors like navy or charcoal, or a holiday staple like burgundy.

4. Pajama Pants 

Our brushed poly-cotton pajama pants are designed in an array of patterns and colors, including the popular Black Watch tartan. Pick up a pair today and enjoy feeling comfortable even when you’re asleep.

tall-mens-pj-pants tall-mens-pj-pants tall-mens-pj-pants


Shop the Best Gifts for Tall Men and Women at American Tall

Finding the right gift for a tall person is easy if you know where to look! At American Tall, we carry a huge selection of clothing specifically designed for tall men and women.

No matter your height, we make it easier to shop for clothes by putting our size chart on every page, so you can use your actual measurements to find the perfect fitting garment. This holiday season, shop our collection at American Tall for the best clothes for any of your tall loved ones.