Finding the Best Comfy Joggers for Tall Guys and Gals

Finding the Best Comfy Joggers for Tall Guys and Gals

Have you gotten a pair of comfy joggers for fall yet? If the answer is no, you’re missing out on this year’s most incredible piece of loungewear. Joggers can be worn indoors and outside, and are convenient when you need to go from the work from home grind to a socially distant hang, or from the gym to the grocery store with ease.

However, if you’re a tall guy or gal, your lack of comfy joggers might be a result of standard clothing brand sizing letting you down – again. Since joggers are relatively new to the world of fashion, many brands offer limited sizing, leaving you high and dry if you’re too tall to wear standard sizes. Men’s and women's extra tall joggers can be hard to come by – until now.

Ever since people have trained as distance runners, we’ve collectively struggled to find something that can offer freedom of movement while still being comfortable and stylish. We believe joggers are that unicorn.

Let’s talk about how to find the best women’s and men’s extra tall joggers, and how you can style them for any occasion.

How Short Should Joggers Be?
The primary benefit of joggers is that they allow freedom of movement while still being comfortable and cozy. A key to maintaining that balance is getting the right fit.

Tall Men’s Fitted Joggers
For tall men, fitted joggers should always taper down at the ankle, without the cuff spilling over on to your shoes. They should mirror the shape of your legs, without being too tight or loose. They should also sit comfortably on your hips – too low, and they start to look sloppy.


Tall Women’s Fitted Joggers
Tall women’s fitted joggers can be tight or loose through the leg, but similarly to men, they should always be cuffed above the ankle. To avoid looking frumpy, you can opt for a more structured pair of joggers that are cut in one clean line from waist to ankle. This is a good way to help create a more balanced shape, especially if you pair your joggers with a looser top or sweater.

How Can I Style Joggers in the Fall?
Ever since they were popularized in the early 2010s, joggers have remained in style. However, the circumstances of 2020 have made this versatile wardrobe staple more popular than ever. They can be worn as soon as the weather cools down from summer, which is why they make a great addition to any fall wardrobe. Here are some great ideas for styling your joggers for fall.

With a Casual Button-Down
If you want to be warm and cozy from head to toe, pair your joggers with a flannel button-down shirt. It’s a great way to stay warm, but still look put together. 

With a Turtleneck
A turtleneck paired with joggers looks chic and modern. Make sure to tuck it in, or at least do a French tuck (where you tuck the front of the shirt into your waistband), to make the silhouette more flattering.


Coordinated Color Sweats
Want that early 2000s coordinated sweatsuit look? By pairing a pair of joggers with a hoodie or zip-up and tee, you can pay homage to this classic look while still looking stylish. The tapered joggers help make sure the look doesn’t overwhelm you, and the coordinating colors make the outfit appear sleek and put together, even as you’re enveloped head to toe in French terry.

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