Finding Beach-Ready Tall Shirts and Long Shorts for Tall Men

Finding Beach-Ready Tall Shirts and Long Shorts for Tall Men

When it comes to a sunny day at the beach, you really want to be prepared. For most tall guys, this means seeking out tall athletic fit t-shirts, or tall shorts that can accommodate their longer limbs. However, what you wear will also depend on the beachside activities that are on the docket for the day.

One of the reasons why beaches are so popular is because of their incredible versatility. Want to enjoy some beach volleyball or another popular beach game like Spikeball with your crew? You can work up a sweat all day, then cool off in the water. However, if you feel more comfortable sipping a cold beverage and reading or even just walking along the boardwalk, that’s great as well. The only thing you’ll need to change is your outfit.

Today, we’ll talk about how tall guys can look cute and stay comfortable at the beach, depending on their beachside activity of choice.

Finding Extra-Long Shorts for Tall Men
Most of the outfits that we’re discussing today involve summer outfit staples like shorts and t-shirts. Finding tall shirts and extra-long shorts for tall men can be a challenge. That’s why we always recommend shopping at a dedicated tall clothing retailer like American Tall. That way, you can buy shirts and long shorts for tall men that will actually fit your measurements.

What to Wear for a Relaxing Beach Day
To start, let’s talk about how tall guys can prepare for a relaxing beach day. Instead of focusing on clothing that looks good but may be more restrictive, opt for pieces that will be both casual and flattering.

Some of our favorites include men’s tall v-neck tee shirts in summery colors like army green or ice blue. Pair those with a relaxed pair of athletic shorts, and you’ve got a great outfit that can withstand hours of lounging. Before you hit the sand, slip on a pair of slides or flip-flops and you’re ready to go.
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What to Wear for an Active Beach Day
There are tons of great outdoor games to play at the beach. However, regardless of what you play, you’re going to want to wear an outfit that can get dirty and sweaty, and still protect you from the elements. Some guys find it easier to play beach games in a bathing suit, so they can go from surf to sand with ease.

On top, opt for a beach tank that will keep you cool, or you can choose a tall athletic-fit t-shirt that will help wick away sweat and keep stinky bacteria at bay.
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What to Wear for Walking and Sightseeing at the Beach
If you’re going to the beach to see and be seen, skip the athletic wear and reach for an outfit that looks pulled together but will still keep you cool. Our favorite choice for this type of outfit is a pair of crisp chino shorts, paired with a loose linen button-up shirt.

Depending on the weather, you can even throw a zip-up sweater or cardigan on top, to help cut the chill of the water. Once you’re done with it, sling it over your shoulders for a true coastal look.

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