Find Your Sole Mate: The Best Sneakers for Tall Guys

For the understated tall man, sneakers are the accessories of choice to show off some personality and spunk. Even your basic white-tee-and-blue-jeans-combo can be elevated to another level of cool with the appropriate kicks.

We’ve graced our large feet with all sorts of footwear, but finding that perfect over-sized sneaker had us feeling like modern day Cinderellas. Styles come in bold, colorful, plain, faded, futuristic, classic, athletic, high-top, low-cut, slim, wide…you get the idea.

American Tall’s men agree that the key to a great sneaker is that it can go with anything, whether you’re dressing up or down. A great sneaker seamlessly takes you from the gym to the streets. A great sneaker makes a guy look well put together and stylish, with an air of laid-back cool. 

From clean & simple to swagged-out designer sneakers, swap your workaday shoes for our top sneaker picks for tall guys:

Nike Air Max 270id


Function meets fashion with Nike’s Air Max 270id, re-imagined from cult classics Air Max 180 and Air Max 93.

Nike’s high-performance shoe features the brand’s largest heel yet – perfect for those extra-large feet and unrivaled comfort in the gym. We love the blend of aesthetics and performance in one comfy package. The flexible mesh that has found its way into so many succeeding Nike shoes is a godsend for tall men with extra-wide feet, too.

Best of all, for the truly fashion-forward tall guy, the 270id’s can be customized to every last detail, from the color of the laces and outsole, to additional graphics, and even embroidering your initials or name onto the tongue.

Wear With:

tall-zip-up-hoodie american-tall-tee tall-sweatpants


Nike Air Force One’s (AF1)


We go from a tricked-out designer sneaker to a simple, understated legend: Nike’s original Air Force One’s.

Whether you’re tall or taller, AF1’s are simply some of the best sneakers ever created for tall guys. Paying homage to the Presidential Plane of the same name, the iconic shoe was the first of its kind to feature Nike’s ‘Air’ technology. Coming in low, mid, and high-tops, and virtually every color imaginable – there are over 2,000 different versions and counting – AF1’s truly embody that versatile, do-it-all sneaker that’s a must for any man’s shoe rack.

We recommend this shoe to the tall man that’s up to the challenge of rocking a clean sneaker – nothing beats the OG, full-white AF1’s (assuming you clean them up regularly). Fresh AF1’s signify a laissez-faire lifestyle that radiates coolness, as well as an appreciation for the classics.

Wear With:

tall-mens-jeans tall-oxford-dress-shirt mens-tall-white-tee

Noah Waxman Gotham II Sneakers


If you’re confused by what attire’s appropriate for modern work culture, Noah Waxman’s Gotham II Sneakers are suited for the office and the outdoors.

Casual and classy, these luxury sneakers feature a leather upper half, an off-color suede heel and toe, padded leather insole, and a unique Ghillie lacing.

Gotham II’s come in a range of color schemes to match your personality, along with two sets of laces for even more tonal variety. The burnished leather comprising the toe and heel changes color, too, for added pop to your get-up.  

We recommend these sneakers to tall guys that need some sophistication for the office, but aren’t rigid enough to go full loafers like dad does.

Wear With:



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