Closeup of man wearing hoodie underneath dark green blazer. Man wearing tall maroon colored polo shirt.

Fashion for Tall Slim Men: 10 Essential Wardrobe Pieces

When it comes to stocking up your wardrobe, the garments you select can be a way to show the world who you are. Whether you’re sophisticated and tailored or casual and down-to-earth, your clothing is an extension of your personality, so finding the right pieces is essential. However, if you’re a skinny tall guy, finding clothes that fit can be challenging. While there may seem to be an expanding market for tall men, the category for skinny men is — pardon our pun — slim. 

Below are some of our key fashion pieces for creating a wardrobe of well-fitting garments for slim tall men that will have you feeling confident.

What looks good on tall, skinny guys?

At American Tall, we firmly believe that the clothes you feel confident in are the best suited for you, however we are here to guide you through discovering what it is that makes you feel and look your best. Ultimately, your style is how you choose to convey your personality. Here are some tips we recommend for the slim gentleman:

Dress in layers

For anyone with a lean build, dressing in layers can create the illusion of bulk and width while also adding visual interest to your ensemble.

Pick the right length

The right inseam on a pair of pants turns your look from too-short to perfectly tailored. We recommend pants that hit below the ankle without riding up while you’re walking.

Play with silhouettes

Skinny or slim fit jeans look great on tall, skinny guys but that’s not your only option. Experiment with more relaxed fits such as straight-leg, which can add volume to parts of your body you want to amp up.

10 Essential wardrobe pieces

When it comes to creating outfits for tall, skinny guys, it’s all about having the right pieces in your closet. Adding these must-haves to your wardrobe opens endless outfit possibilities for effortless dressing:

1. Layerable button-up

A wardrobe staple, a good button-up can be worn closed for a tailored look or open as a layering piece over your fave T-shirts and tanks while adding volume to your upper body. Tip: opt for plaid for a more casual option. 

Man standing with hands in pockets wearing linen button shirt and dark pants
Man standing wearing plaid button corduroy overshirt undone over white tee and pants

2. Quintessential T-shirt

For skinny tall men, we recommend slim fit T-shirts which work great under button shirts and sweaters or on their own, and provide the length you need to comfortably tuck into your pants if desired.

Man standing wearing essential slim fit crewneck paired with light jeans
Closeup of man standing wearing essential men's slim-fit crewneck tall tee and light colored jeans

3. Polo or henley

A button-placket adds visual appeal to your outfit while allowing you to customize your coverage.

Man standing wearing tall classic polo with embroidered logo and dark pants

4. Blazer or suit jacket

Accent your shoulders with a blazer or suit jacket that can provide shape to your upper body while adding a sophisticated touch to your rotation.

Man appearing to be taking a step forward wearing dark blue jeans and a tall blazer

5. Go-to pair of jeans

Don’t let being skinny deter you from wearing jeans that aren’t slim. Bootcut or straight-leg jeans are a stylish addition to any outfit. 

man standing wearing straight leg, light colored jeans with plaid button shirt open over tee
closeup of man standing wearing straight leg, light colored jeans and sneakers

6. Classic chinos

Both casual and tailored, a classic pair of chinos works well with tees and button-ups. The ideal pair should be long enough to cover your ankles, but short enough not to drag on the floor.

Man standing wearing tall tapered fit chinos with light colored button shirt and sand coloured bomber jacket
Closeup of man wearing tall tapered chino pants in camo green color with white tee

7. Trousers

Add a tailored touch to your rotation with a pair of trousers. A good pair of trousers should fit comfortably through your hips and waist.

8. Joggers

For kicking back and relaxing, a pair of joggers featuring a cuffed hem will suit days at home or when you’re out running errands.

Closeup of man standing wearing utility joggers and sneakers

9. Chelsea boots

A good pair of Chelsea boots adds a casual touch to any ensemble built around jeans and chinos.

Men's Chelsea Boot in Black Leather Color

10. Oxfords

Elevate your footwear collection with a pair of oxfords with a classic lace-up design.

Men's Rugged Leather Oxford in Tan Brown Color

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