Extra Tall Pajama Pants for Men and Women

Extra Tall Pajama Pants for Men and Women

There are lots of times when exposing a little bit of ankle is a good thing. Cropped joggers or capri pants are both a great way to show off your lower leg and make sure your shoes are showcased to perfection. However, when it comes to extra tall men’s pajama pants (and women’s, for that matter), showing your ankle is something that’s best avoided.

If you’ve done this before, it’s not your fault. It’s just so challenging to find the right pair of extra tall pajama pants for both women and men. These longer pants, which are designed with an extended inseam to accommodate our longer limbs, can be difficult to get your hands on. Too often, tall people resign themselves to whatever’s left on the shelves, even if it doesn’t fit their taller frame.


Today, we’ll showcase our best extra tall pajama and lounge pants and explain how you can find and fit extra tall pajama pants for men and women.

Fitting Extra Tall Pajama Pants for Women and Men
Pajama and lounge pants may seem easy to fit but finding something that accommodates tall measurements is always a bit more challenging. There are two measurements that you need to keep in mind: inseam and rise.

Inseam is the length from the beginning of the crotch seam to the place where your foot meets the floor. It’s a more familiar measurement because it’s often how pants are sized. However, standard inseam measurements are often inadequate for taller folks, leaving them in pants that are several inches too short.

Rise, which we’re most used to talking about in reference to jeans and other pants, is the distance between the waistband and the crotch. Sometimes, even pants with extended inseam lengths don’t fit if the rise hasn’t been extended as well.

American Tall’s Favorite Extra Tall Men’s Pajama Pants
What you wear to sleep is entirely up to you. However, we always recommend the following pairs of extra tall pajama pants for men.


Lounge Pajama Pants
Our extra-tall lounge pajama pants are made from a soft polyester and viscose mix, and are cut with a generous inseam length to ensure that they’re as relaxed and comfortable as possible. The waistband is made from soft elastic, plus the inner drawstring always keeps them snug and secure. Whether you wear them for sleeping or just lounging around, we think you’ll love their soft and relaxed feel.

This style is available in three different colors – navy, charcoal, and black.

mens-tall-pajama-jogger tall-mens-pajamas

Lounge Pant Joggers
If you enjoy a closer-fitting style, you’ll love our lounge pant joggers. Our lounge joggers are made from the same soft fabric as our standard pajama pants, but they're cuffed at the ankle for a more tailored look.

Our Best Extra Tall Women's Pajama Pants
Like our men’s collection, we’ve made it easy to pick your favorite extra tall women’s pajama pants by offering you two different options.

If you like your PJs loose and flowy, opt for our open bottom PJ lounge pants. They’re made from a rayon, polyester, and spandex blend that offers unparalleled comfort and breathability throughout your sleep.

tall-womens-pajamas tall-womens-pajama

If you’re looking for a more fitted and cropped style, you can’t go wrong with our lounge joggers. Made from the same soft and stretchy fabric as our women’s open bottom PJs, these joggers are comfortable enough for bed, but neat enough for running errands or even hitting the gym.

Whatever your style, make sure your PJs offer the same comfort and fit as the rest of your daytime wardrobe. You can find tons of options for lounge pants and other tall sleepwear at American Tall.