Exploring Different Styles of Extra Tall Women’s Joggers

Exploring Different Styles of Extra Tall Women’s Joggers

All extra tall women’s joggers are not created equal. These workout pants, which originated as a form of cinched chino pants for men, have quickly taken the world by storm. Now, they’ve become a ubiquitous article of clothing for both women and men, and are equally at home at the gym, on the go, or just on the couch.

Everyone needs a pair of joggers that fits them just right, but as is so often the case, it can be hard to source great women’s tall workout pants and joggers when you’re over 6’ tall. However, we at American Tall believe that everyone deserves a pair of extra tall women’s joggers that fits them just right.

Today, we’ll explore the origin of these popular pants, explain the various styles that make this garment so versatile, and show you how you can find a pair that fits you to perfection.

A Short History of Joggers
The origin of the jogger begins with the silhouette. The cinched leg style of the jogger pant had been popular in Europe and Australia for years before it made its way to the United States.

There, it was known as a pinrolled cuff, and was either designed that way or tailored by sneakerheads who were eager to show off their latest acquisitions. Regular cuffs on pants often drooped unattractively over the ankle, hiding the sneaker from view. By creating a higher, tighter cuff, designers were able to offer pants that could better showcase the wearer’s shoes.

Soon, companies like Marc Jacobs brought the style to the United States, where the silhouette was quickly adopted into use by companies making sweatpants. The combination of the tapered style and soft, comfortable sweatpant material was a match made in heaven.

Exploring Our Favorite Styles of Women’s Tall Athletic Joggers
When it comes to choosing a new pair of women’s tall workout pants or joggers, all styles are not created equal. There are many different types, ranging from tall fleece-lined joggers for women who like to be cozy, to light joggers made from durable performance material.

Here are some of our favorites.
Women’s Tall Athletic Joggers
This style is typically made from a performance material like a nylon/spandex blend and is a great choice for workout wear. The performance material wicks sweat away from the body, keeping you cool and dry while minimizing odors. When you try on women’s tall athletic joggers, you’ll want to ensure that the cuff fits securely at your ankle bone or just above.

Tall Fleece-Lined Joggers
Tall fleece-lined joggers for women are fantastic for cold days, keeping you warm while you run or just trek to work in the snow. The extra layer of soft fleece adds tons of warmth and softness, making these a great addition to any winter wardrobe.

Classic French Terry Joggers
Want to add a pair of classic joggers to your wardrobe? Look no further than the women’s tall French terry joggers from American Tall. Even though they’re made from comfortable French terry, they look stylish because of the tapered silhouette.
tall-womens-Jogger tall-womens-joggers

Every size we offer is designed for tall women, so you can find inseams as long as 40”. Then, pair them with a simple tee, or create a monochrome loungewear outfit with a matching sweatshirt.

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