Explore New Styles for Summer When Shopping Shorts for Tall Men

Explore New Styles for Summer When Shopping Shorts for Tall Men

If you’re not what you would call a ‘shorts guy’, it can be hard to figure out what to wear when the temperature starts to rise.

There are lots of reasons why some men feel uncomfortable in shorts. For tall men, it’s easy to worry that shorts highlight their height and put unwanted emphasis on the longest, leanest part of the body. For others, they worry about styling tall shorts, and find it challenging to pick out a pair that’s formal enough to wear out and about.

Fortunately, we’re here to tell you that finding the right pair of tall shorts doesn’t have to be difficult. Today, we’ll break down our most important tips for fitting and styling tall shorts, then help you choose the right pair inspired by your chosen style icon.

Styling Tall Men’s Shorts
There are a few different style ‘rules’ to keep in mind when you’re buying a pair of tall shorts. The first rule is that generally, shorts should never be longer than your knee. This is an easy way to make you look sloppy.

From there, the inseam length is up to you. Love your legs? Show them off with a mid-thigh length pair of shorts. Most of the shorts we carry at American Tall hit just above the knee, which is a flattering length for tall men.

Inspiration for Your Next Pair of Tall Shorts
Looking for your next pair of tall men’s shorts, but don’t know where to start? Use the style of these men’s fashion icons to help you get started.

Prince Harry
Prince Harry is an underrated style icon that has perfected the preppy-yet-casual look. He’s known for his beautifully tailored suits that he manages to make his own with touches like a looser linen shirt, unique jewelry, or a cozy tweed vest.
For a royal summer look, opt for pair of oxford shorts in indigo or grey. They work perfectly when paired with either a loose linen shirt or a crisp white button-down.

tall-mens-chino-shorts tall-mens-shorts

Lebron James
Lebron James is a style icon who is known for his big, bold choices when it comes to color, accessories, and so much more. He’s not afraid of rocking cropped pants, color-on-color suits, or even a full suede jacket.
To embrace a unique look for yourself this summer, pick up a pair of our blue steel tattersall shorts, which are made with a subtle tattersall pattern that looks a little bit like houndstooth.

tall-mens-shorts tall-mens-shorts


Steve McQueen
If you strive to follow the sartorial styling of the late, great Steve McQueen, you’ll need more than just some casual shorts to pull it off. His style was emblematic of the phrase ‘less is more’. Every piece he wore was chosen with great care but worn without fanfare.
To start filling your wardrobe with beautiful staple pieces that McQueen would love, start with a pair of simple khaki chino shorts. These simple shorts can be worn with anything and will make you look put together without being overdressed.
tall-mens-chino-shorts tall-mens-chino-shorts

Anthony Mackie
The latest incarnation of Captain America is a snappy dresser who favors suits for events but opts for button-down shirts and either chinos or jeans most other times. For an elegant yet casual look for summer, try a pair of dark grey chinos that can anchor any outfit.

tall-mens-shorts tall-mens-shorts
Shop the Best Tall Men’s Clothing for Summer at American Tall
Although the weather is still variable in most parts of North America, it’s never too early to make sure you have all the tall men’s clothing you need for summer. To find all the shorts, tees, and swim trunks you’ll need to survive in the summer months, come visit our online shop.