Essential Men’s Tall Jeans You Need in Your Wardrobe

Essential Men’s Tall Jeans You Need in Your Wardrobe

As a vertically gifted guy, you’ve probably struggled to find men’s tall jeans that are long enough for your legs. At American Tall, we design jeans exclusively for men between 6’3” and 7’1” with inseams up to 40”. All of our styles have been measured on tall guys just like you and account for your height at every measurement, from the rise to the pockets and the knee placement. 

If you’re looking for the best jeans to add to your closet this year, look no further. We compiled the ultimate guide on jeans for tall men with styles you’ll love so you can say goodbye to the days of misfitting jeans. Read on to find your new favorite pair! 

What jean cut is best for very tall men? 

One of the great things about being tall is that you can rock pretty much any cut, wash and style you want. Some of our favorites include slim-fit, straight leg, semi-relaxed and tapered, but you can go for whatever catches your eye – the sky’s the limit when you’re tall. 

Classic Straight Leg 

Try out the OG denim style: straight leg jeans. This classic fit is super versatile and can be worn with anything. You can dress it up with a button shirt for family dinners or throw it on with your favorite fitted tee for laidback days at home. Like the name suggests, these jeans should fit straight down the leg with a mid-rise waist and a length that ends right below the ankle. If you’re looking for the perfect straight leg men’s tall jeans, we recommend our J1 style. The mid-rise waist has been extended for your tall silhouette and the inseam will hit where it’s supposed to. 

American Tall Men's Jeans - J1

Slim and Tall Jeans for Men 

If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that fit close to the body but aren’t too skinny, slim-fit jeans are the way to go. This versatile silhouette is timeless, with a mid-rise waist and a slightly tapered leg that will highlight your tall frame without being too tight. The tapered fit needs to hit in all the right places from the hips to the thighs and the knees, which is why you need a pair designed specifically for your height with an extra-long inseam. We made our Dylan and Carman jeans for tall men up to 7’1” with a slim fit throughout. They both come in 36", 38” and 40” inseams, so you won’t have to worry about length. 

American Tall Men's Jeans - Dylan American Tall Men's Jeans - Carman


Relaxed jeans first came on the scene in the 1990s, but gained popularity again over the last few years. As we emerged from months of wearing sweatpants, the thought of wearing tight pants was a bit too much, which is when relaxed jeans stepped back into the spotlight. This laidback style is definitely one you should add to your wardrobe and it strikes the right balance between effortless, comfortable and cool. While the looser fit might overwhelm a shorter silhouette, it will look perfectly proportional on your tall frame. Try out a pair of our Mason jeans, which are roomy without being too baggy or loose.  

American Tall Men's Jeans - Mason

Mid-Wash Jeans 

Every guy needs a pair of jeans they can throw on with anything in their closet and mid-wash jeans fit the bill. The semi-faded wash gives you that perfectly lived-in look and feel right from the get-go, like your favorite pair of jeans you’ve had since college, but in a fit that’s built for your frame. We love our Signature Fade or Classic Blue washes, with fading that’s been carefully added in exactly the right spots so it doesn’t look awkward on your long legs. 

American Tall Men's Jeans American Tall Men's Jeans

Find your new favorite men’s tall jeans.