Enjoy Spring in Our Extra Tall Pajama Pants

Enjoy Spring in Our Extra Tall Pajama Pants

One of the few positive aspects of this year is the fact that so few of us have been ill with colds, touches of flu, and other seasonal illnesses. It’s one of the minor bright spots in a long and hard year.

Even if you haven’t been ill this year, we can all reminisce how cozy it is to curl up in bed or on the couch in your PJ pants when you’re not feeling well. It’s this comfort and flexibility that make pajama pants one of the coziest items of clothing we can wear. But what happens if you’re extra tall? Pajama pants made by most retailers often don’t fit, leaving you with limited options.

Whether you call them pajamas, pyjamas, or just PJs, everyone deserves to have a pair of cozy lounge pants that they can feel 100% comfortable in all the time. When you’re tall, this means you’ll probably have to search out a pair of extra tall pajama pants to accommodate your long limbs.
Frustrated that your favorite styles aren’t available in longer lengths? Whether you prefer fabrics that won’t make you sweaty, or cozy, thick fabrics to keep you warm even in the coldest temperatures, we can help. American Tall carries a variety of PJs for both tall men and women.

Let us show you some of our favorites.

Discover New Extra Tall Men’s Pajama Pants
We carry a wide variety of extra tall men’s pajama pants that are designed for taller limbs. Here are some of our most popular styles.

Men’s Tall Pajamas
Our most classic pair of pajama pants is made with a medium-weight brushed cotton-poly fabric for comfort through the fall, winter, and spring. They’re woven into some of our favorite tartan and plaid patterns, including Black Watch green and black, and a variety of other classic prints. These are some of the most popular pajama pants for tall skinny guys we carry today.
tall-mens-pj-pants tall-mens-pj-pants

Tall Men’s Lounge Pajama Pants
Looking for a different yet classic pajama pant? Our lounge pajama pants are simple, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t gone above and beyond to add in all the extras we always wished we had in our favorite PJ pants.
tall-mens-loung-pj-pants tall-mens-pj-lounge-pants tall-mens-lounge-pj-pants
Each pair offers a perfectly casual relaxed fit thanks to the lightweight jersey material. Three pockets and a comfortable waistband finish off the comfortable look.
Explore Extra Tall Women’s Pajama Pants
When it comes to comfortable pajamas, we haven’t left the ladies out! Let’s explore our best loungewear options for tall women.
Women’s Tall PJ Lounge Jogger
Tired of your joggers never fitting correctly? Our tall PJ lounge joggers for women are a great dual pajama-lounge pant option. They’re made with long inseam lengths to stop them from turning into capris, and a substantial bottom cuff keeps them from riding up.
tall-womens-pj-lounge-joggers tall-womens-pj-lounge-jogger
Women’s Tall Open-Bottom PJ Lounge Pants
If you prefer a more classic pajama shape, our open-bottom PJ lounge pants are a great choice for any tall lady. They’re made with shrinkage-controlled poly-blend fabric, plus they have generously sized pockets (!!!) along the waistband.
tall-womens-open-bottom-pj-pants tall-womens-open-bottom-pj-pants
How Long Should Tall Pajamas Be?
One of the things that separates American Tall pajama pants from our competition is our sizing. Most pajama inseam lengths range from 29” to 33”. That may seem generous, but on someone 6’ and up, that’s pretty short. Our pajamas are available in 34” to 40” inseams, to ensure your ankles never feel a draft.
Want to learn more about the tall pajama pants we offer? Shop our full collection for men and women online today.