Dressing for the Office: Finding Business-Casual Clothing for Tall Men

Dressing for the Office: Finding Business-Casual Clothing for Tall Men

Now that so many of us are heading back to the office, it’s time to start thinking hard about how we want to present ourselves after months of Zoom meetings. For many of us, that means the usual struggle of finding business-casual clothing for tall men.


When you’re a taller guy, finding dress shirts and pants can be a challenge because of the fitted nature of these garments. It’s not that difficult to make a pair of sweatpants fit. However, add in the precision of a pair of tailored slacks, and it’s understandable why so many guys feel frustrated when they’re shopping for this type of tall men’s clothing.

You shouldn’t have to be as rich as the guys from Succession or Billions to find a shirt or pair of dress pants that fits a tall skinny guy. Today, we’re here to guide you through the challenges of dressing for the office when you’re a taller dude. The ideal business outfit should make you look and feel like a boss, even if you’re just starting out.

Finding Tall Men’s Dress Shirts that Fit
The right dress shirt can make or break any business-casual outfit. It should fit comfortably around your chest, through your shoulders, under the arms, and around your neck – and that’s just the body of the shirt. The arms should also fit well, a perennial issue for guys of various heights who have longer arms. For a single garment, that’s a lot of places for the fit to potentially go wrong.


Instead of being designed for guys of average height, tall men’s dress shirts are made to fit guys 6’3” and above. That means the body will never be too short, and all the other precise measurements like armhole depth, shoulder length, and neck circumference are designed around taller proportions, too.

While cotton is the most traditional choice for office wear, you can always play around with creative prints, or even different fabrics entirely. Try a polished linen shirt for a look that’s summer-ready but still looks totally office-appropriate.

Tall-mens-linen-shirt tall-mens-dress-shirt tall-mens-dress-shirt

The Best Dress Pants for Tall Skinny Guys
If you’re a long and lean guy, finding the right slacks that are suited for a more formal office environment isn’t necessarily easy. In terms of fit, you need to ensure that the length is long enough, but that’s not all. Other than inseam length, the other major way that tall pants differ from a standard pair of pants is the rise (i.e., the length between crotch and waistband). This needs to be tall enough to accommodate the longer torso of most tall men.

When it comes to styles, you can’t go wrong with chinos in most office environments. Unless you’re working somewhere with strictly formal business attire, a dark pair of chinos is a great neutral that you can use as the basis for a variety of outfits.

tall-mens-black-chinos tall-mens-black-chinos

If your office is more casual, try playing with pants in bolder colors like red or green. Don’t be afraid of accessorizing as well – a knit tie, bow tie, or even fun socks are a great way to add pops of color and personality to standard office wear.  

tall-mens-dress-pants tall-mens-dress-pants
Whether you work somewhere casual or formal, the best thing you can do is ensure the clothes you wear fit well. Nothing says “I don’t know how to dress myself” more than a pair of pants or shirt that’s just a little too short.

 To ensure your return to the office is a sartorial success, head to American Tall to find the perfect outfit for your next in-person meeting.