Dirty Sixer - Size Does Matter

Not surprising.

While companies have been selling bikes for tall people since the 70’s, they fall short. Most manufacturers have merely increased frame size, ignoring the need to resize other elements, like cranks, wheels, and tires.

For the very tall, these “bikes for tall people” feel flimsy and wobbly. They compromise your safety and comfort. They weren’t really made for your lanky limbs and long back.

But change is afoot.

Meet DirtySixer: the company that is revolutionizing cycling for the very tall.

The DirtySixer is the only bike designed from the ground up — by tall people, for tall people. It is purpose-built to provide a safe, comfortable, fun ride for those between 6’ and 7’3” in height.

Most importantly, DirtySixer has scaled the entire bike  not just the frame  to handle the longer limbs and heavier weights of the very tall. It’s the only bike with 36” wheels (versus the standard 29er), providing better handling and comfort. It has bigger tubing, wider hubs, and wider rims to improve safety and durability. It also boasts longer cranks, wider pedals, and bigger seats.

The DirtySixer is an ergonomically appropriate bicycle for a man your size.

Made in America, the DirtySixer comes in 4 sizes: XS (for those 6’ to 6’4”), S (for those 6’4” to 6’7”), M (for those 6’7” to 6’11”), and L (for those 6’11” to 7’3”). Just right for a man of your height.

It’s an all-road bike you can ride in the city or on the trail. And it looks cool.

The DirtySixer will be available around October, 2016. 

For more information, check out their web site.

Image Credit: DirtySixer