Deep Dive: Finding Shirts for Tall Men

Deep Dive: Finding Shirts for Tall Men

When it comes to shirts for tall men, finding the right fit is more of a challenge than it should be. A man in a great-fitting shirt looks effortlessly cool, so we assume that finding the shirt should be effortless as well. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Unless you were born a sample size, getting a great shirt that fits well is more work than it seems. If you’ve over 6’5”, forget it – you probably won’t fit into most of the sizes available at traditional mall or big box stores anyway. Tall shirts offer the best fit, but they can be a challenge to find.

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How You’ll Know When a Tall Shirt Fits
Life is too short to suffer through shirts that pinch under your arms or ride up at the waistline. Today, we’ll delve into the secrets of finding tall shirts for men that are over 6’, and show you our best tricks for ensuring that you get the right fit every time. It’s much simpler when you know what you’re looking for.

There’s one simple trick to get a great fit on both tees and collared shirts. Just take a look at the seam of the shirt that sits along your shoulder.

If the shirt is made using traditional construction (ie, it’s not a raglan or drop-shoulder sleeve), the seam should sit exactly at the edge of your shoulder. If it’s closer to your ear, or drooping off your shoulder down towards your elbow, the shirt does not fit correctly.

Tall men’s shirts are made to conform to taller guys’ extended measurements, including their longer torso lengths. Typically, a taller shirt has longer arms, but it should also have a longer torso. The shirt should be long enough to cover your waistband, but shouldn’t stretch too far beyond it or you risk looking sloppy.

If you’re wearing a collared shirt or long-sleeved top, the sleeves should always be long enough to cover the center-back part of your hand. Any shorter and the top will ride up uncomfortably when you move. When shopping for men’s tall shirts, this is an important aspect of fit to get right.

Unless you’re playing a sport or going to the club, your shirt should never be so tight that it clings to every curve of your body. A great shirt outlines your body neatly without being too loose, or too tight.

Choosing a Wardrobe of Tall Men’s Shirts
There are so many tall shirts to choose from, but every guy should have at least a few that fit well and can be worn on multiple occasions.

Here are some of our favorites.

A Casual Button-Up
For evenings and weekends, this casual red plaid shirt is perfectly broken in and soft since it’s made with 100% washed cotton.

tall-mens-long-sleeve-shirt tall-mens-long-sleeve-shirt

A Great Tee

Every guy needs at least a few well-fitting regular tees for everyday wear. Grey is a great option, but find a few more in white and black to round out your collection.


A Chambray Dress Shirt
Chambray is a great fabric that still looks relaxed and casual even when it’s cut into a dress shirt.

mens-tall-dress-shirt tall-mens-dress-shirt

At American Tall, we carry a variety of tall men’s shirts that were designed specifically for guys over 6’3”, who often have trouble finding well-fitting shirts from traditional retailers. Shop our full collection of menswear today to find staples to make any tall guy look his best.