Comparing Our Favorite Tall Men’s T-Shirts

Comparing Our Favorite Tall Men’s T-Shirts

When it comes to t-shirts, many men make the mistake of considering this wardrobe staple as nothing more than a layering piece. While it’s true that tall tee shirts are a great option for throwing on under a sweater or button-up, there are so many more outfit opportunities available when you can choose the right t-shirt and let it be the star of the show.

It’s easy to relegate your tees to a supporting role when they’re old, stretched-out, and full of holes. Today, we’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be this way. By investing in a new set of tall men’s tees in a variety of styles, you can ensure that you have the right shirt for any occasion.


Choosing the Right Tall T-Shirts for Men
When it comes to picking t-shirts, it can be a challenge if you’re a taller guy. You’re probably used to tees cutting in at your armpits or sitting annoyingly high on your waistband. A tee that’s sized correctly should fit without being too tight or baggy, and should either sit at your waistband, or a few inches below.

The best tees look fitted without being uncomfortably tight. Don’t be afraid of tees that skim your body, especially if you’re trying to show off a muscled chest or arms. While we can’t all look like Brando, a fitted white t-shirt is a quick way to echo his signature style. This style looks great on tall, skinny guys as well.

Ideally, the shoulder seam of any t-shirt should sit right on your shoulder bone. This is a good indication of the fit. If it’s too far down your arm, the shirt is likely too big. If it pulls up towards your neck, the shirt is definitely too small.


Our Favorite Tall Men’s T-Shirts from American Tall
When it comes to t-shirts, not every one is created equal. Pay attention to fit, as well as construction (including fabric) and style.

Here are two of our favorite basic tee styles, along with suggestions of complementary pieces that will take them from blah to fabulous in no time.

The regular crewneck is the most ubiquitous style of tees on the market today. At American Tall, we want to give you lots of options, so we’ve made our signature crewneck slub tee available in eight different colors, including ecru white, black, grey, navy, and garnet red.

tall-mens-crew-neck tall-mens-crew-neck

The crewneck tee works great with a variety of pants, but the most iconic way to wear a crewneck is with denim. Try pairing a white crewneck with a well-fitting pair of medium wash jeans for a look that’s both easy and effortlessly stylish.

V-necks are extremely flattering on a variety of body types, especially men who have a larger upper body. This style helps elongate the neck, creating a slimming effect that draws attention to your face.

tall-mens-v-neck tall-mens-v-neck-tee

Our American Tall v-neck tee comes in nine different colors and is made from garment-dyed 100% cotton fabric that looks amazing and is protected against shrinkage. Try pairing a v-neck tee with a jacket to lend a little bit of casual elegance to a more formal look. V-necks look incredible with bomber jackets, blazers, or even a leather biker jacket.


Find the Best Tall Tee Shirts at American Tall
By purchasing both crewnecks and v-necks in a variety of colors, you can ensure that you have the right tall t-shirt for any occasion. With our reasonable prices and quick shipping, it’s easy to fill your drawers with well-fitting staple pieces that are perfectly tailored to your taller frame.
Shop online today to find the right size for you.