The best gifts for tall people

The best gifts for tall people

With the holidays just around the corner, it’s time to start figuring out great gifts for the tall people in your life. For many tall people, even basic items like short sleeve and long sleeve tees are deceptively hard to find. Get them a great pair of tall women’s pajama pants or a well-fitting tall jacket and you’ll be the hero of the holidays.

So, where can you find these height-specific gifts? We might be biased, but we think that American Tall is the perfect place to shop for the tall person in your life. All of our clothing is made specifically to fit a taller frame, and is tested until we’re certain we have the right combination of material, tailoring, and finishes.

Today, we’re bringing you a gift guide of our favorite tall clothing pieces, where everything from our newest fleece-lined denim jackets to our crowd-favorite American tall boxers are on the menu. 

tall-mens-boxers tall-mens-boxers

Two quick shopping tips
There are lots of tall style tips out there for both men and women, but how do you know the right items to buy when you’re shopping for someone else? Even something as simple as short sleeve and long sleeve tees can be complex.

If this is your first time buying tall clothing, here are two important tips to keep in mind.

  1. There is a big difference between big and tall retails and tall retailers. Depending on the size and shape of clothing that the giftee usually wears, one may be more appropriate than the other.
  1. Pay close attention to inseam and arm length. If you can’t get a precise measurement, check out the brand’s size chart to make sure they’re long enough.
tall-mens-sweater tall-womens-jeans

The best gifts for tall women
Women’s pajama pants
Everyone needs a pair of PJ pants they can cuddle up in and we offer plenty of women's tall pajama pants. Our flannel jogger PJ pants  are made with a deliciously soft cotton-poly blend and come in a variety of fun plaid patterns. If they aren’t into plaid, stick to more of a loungewear vibe with our joggers, open-bottom PJ pants, and matching crewnecks.


Our tall women’s sweaters are the perfect top layer for a night out, and can also be worn in a work setting. We love the rolled mock neck sweater, but if a cardigan is more her style, give her drama without discomfort with our tall long belted cardigan, which is made from fabric that’s soft yet elegant.

tall-womens-cardigan tall-womens-sweater

Sherpa-lined denim jacket
Everyone loves our Sherpa-lined denim jackets, which feature a thick lining of (faux) Sherpa inside a classic wash denim jacket. They were such a hit with our guys that we just added a women’s version that’s already flying off the shelves.

tall-womens-sherpa-jacket tall -womens-sherpa-jacket tall-womens-sherpa-jacket


The best gifts for tall men

Sweaters are such a staple for winter, and we hate that tall guys often can’t find them in their size. Thankfully, we're here to help! We love our heavy cable-knit sweaters, but if you need a lighter option for daily wear, our crewnecks and v-necks are great alternatives.

tall-mens-sweaters tall-mens-sweater

Cozy fleeces
Looking for a cozy way to say you care? Our new 80-20 fleece 1/4 zip sweatshirt is like a huge, warm hug. We love them as a casual piece that you wear during fall, winter, and spring.

tall-mens-sweater tall-mens-sweater

Men’s pajama pants
We have so many different types of tall PJ pants available, it’s hard to know where to start! Whether they prefer open bottoms, joggers, or the traditional plaid flannel, there are lots of options available.

tall-mens-pj-pants American-Tall-BlueGreyPlaid-Pajama-Pants-Front

Every kid thinks of socks as a boring gift, but adults know better! Our American Tall socks are a great option and add a bit of color to any outfit. 

tall-mens-socks tall-mens-socks tall-mens-socks

We have lots of options available for gifting, from our boxers to the blazers that we make specifically for taller measurements. Plus, if you can’t find the right gift, we always offer gift cards