Tall woman standing up wearing black split leg flare leggings and black cropped sweatshirt. Tall woman exercising on yoga mat wearing leggings and tank top

The Best Leggings for Tall Women Guide: Find the Perfect Fit

The perfect pair of leggings for tall women has a generous amount of stretch to hug your curves yet is made durable enough for all day wear. A go-to in any wardrobe, a good pair of leggings goes well with tees, tanks and blouses alike. Should tall women wear leggings? Absolutely! At American Tall, we offer a variety of legging styles that not only take additional length into account but also a longer crotch measurement and pocket lengths.  

Below are some of the best leggings for tall women and tips for tall women looking to update their rotation.

Woman standing with arms stretched above head wearing high rise leggings, sports bra and athletic zip jacket Tall woman wearing leggings, sports bra, and athletic zip jacket

Types of Leggings for Tall Women

High-Waisted Leggings

One of the reasons why leggings are a popular option is that the high amount of stretch keeps you comfortable and supported throughout the day. Because of this, high-waisted options are often coveted. It keeps your midriff covered while a wide waistband prevents the waist from rolling down.

At American Tall we offer several styles of high waisted leggings:

  • Classic leggings: A good pair of cotton leggings for tall women are a must-have for any casual wardrobe. Our leggings are designed with a high-rise and wide waistband to ensure it stays in place without rolling while featuring a hint of spandex to stretch-comfortably without a see-through look.
  • Keep warm on chilly days when you opt for a pair of fleece-lined tall leggings. The fleece inside is soft to the touch while locking in warmth while a wide waistband provides a comfortable fit.
  • Add a touch of sophistication to your collection with a pair of textured leggings. Plus, our jacquard leggings also feature back pockets with a hidden zip closure for added security.
  • Stay on trend when you opt for our flare leggings with a split hem. You can expect the stretch and comfort of a standard pair of leggings, while the front seam opens at the hem for added volume and to sit easily with any pair of shoes.
Closeup of tall woman wearing high rise leggings and sneakers Three pairs of leggings folded in overlapping pattern

Compression Leggings

One of the most common ways to wear leggings is for your workouts. Leggings can be fabricated with moisture-wicking capabilities and the high-stretch makes them ideal for supporting your movements. 

Some of the other features available with compression leggings from American Tall include:

  • Reflective stripe. Ideal for those who prefer to move early in the morning or after the sun goes down, American Tall’s reflective leggings for tall women have panels that illuminate with light for added visibility.
  • Ample pockets. Our performance leggings feature pockets along the tights and a zipper pocket on the back waistband for all of your essentials.
  • Second-skin feel. Not every movement progress requires the highest available compression. For a soft and stretchy feel, our Balance leggings are buttery soft and easy to move in.
closeup of woman facing away wearing reflective compression leggings Woman wearing leggings, sports bra and zip hoodie
Closeup of woman wearing ultra high rise leggings and sports bra Woman wearing tall leggings, tight tank top and zip hoodie

Tips for Finding the Perfect Fit of Leggings for Tall Women 

Finding the perfect pair of leggings will depend on what your day entails. A good pair of leggings will stay comfortable throughout the day, however compression leggings add more support for fitness practices. 

Other factors to take into consideration when shopping for leggings:

  • Measure your inseam. American Tall offers two different lengths in all of their bottoms, tall and extra tall. Our “Tall” length fits women up to 6’1” while the “Extra Tall” fits women 6’2” or taller.
  • Try different styles. Different styles offer different perks. Some are designed with pockets while others are made with a flare for added volume.
  • Look for stretchy materials. Depending on the fabrication, each pair of leggings offer a different type of stretch. Our cotton leggings are 100% cotton making them breathable and lightweight, while our compression styles often feature a nylon-spandex blend for added contouring.
Tall woman wearing leggings with cropped tank and athletic zip jacket Woman standing reaching above head in a stretch wearing split leg flare leggings and cropped sweatshirt

No matter what you’re looking to add to your wardrobe, at American Tall we have a variety of leggings for tall women to suit your needs.

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