American Tall Solves Your #TallGuyProblems

Growing up tall is like being born into royalty - you’re afforded exclusive advantages that common serfs can only dream of.

Being a tall kid meant being picked first in gym class, and passing by roller coaster height restrictions with ease. As a growing teen, you can go to any concert with confidence that you’ll be able to see everything from any spot on the floor. And we’re sure tall men appreciate step stool-free living as much as we do.  

But even giants amongst men can encounter situations in which their height is ineffective (i.e. cooking). Yes, your signature feature can be a disadvantage sometimes, hence the evolving millennial term #tallguyproblems that has surfaced on social media.

Not to worry - tall is not lost. American Tall’s tall sages are here to help you solve your #tallguyproblems.

Clothes that Fit

We empathize with tall men who’ve been forced to shop in the irregular clothing section their whole life. Finding tall clothing that fits has been a problem affecting tall men since the first shirts dating back to 3,000 B.C. Ancient Egypt.


But we digress - if you’re tired of wearing shirts that look like tents, find a tall men’s clothing company that designs clothes truly intended for taller, leaner profiles.

American Tall’s Solution: It just so happens we were founded on the idea of fitted tall men’s clothes for guys 6’3” - 7’1” that are slim, athletic, or built. You can check out our current styles here.

Ceiling Fans

While they provide a much needed breeze, ceiling fans are a hazard to the unsuspecting tall guy. Doing stretches and certain exercises, or sometimes just standing up is enough to put you at risk of losing some of that desired height.

American Tall’s Solution: With a premium A/C unit, the ceiling’s the limit. You can also consider wearing airy or lighter clothes to rebut the need for a fan (you’ll save on energy, too).


They say it’s about the journey, not the destination – unless you’re tall, in which case the journey sucks.

Planes, trains, and automobiles aren’t designed for the vertically gifted. Train and bus seats are tight, the average car hood is laughably low, and god forbid the person sitting in front of you on the plane reclines his or her seat an inch.

American Tall’s Solution: If you’re commuting a short distance, consider investing in a bike. It’s a versatile form of transportation in which companies can design special, larger bike frames to fit larger people’s frames.

If you’re flying, arrive early to see if you can cop an emergency or exit row seat for that additional leg room at no extra charge. If you’re stuck in your assigned seat, remove the magazines and barf bags from the pocket in front of you for maximum leg room.

 tall-mens-hoodie tall-mens-chino-shorts

But before you even begin your journey, dressing appropriately is the simplest way to stay comfortable while commuting. Versatile clothing is key – for tall guys, we’d be remiss if we didn’t plug a tall, Pullover Hoodie for your travels. They’re ideal in combating erratic airplane or bus A/C temperatures, while providing a soft, makeshift bed to get some shuteye in. For your lower half, consider an equally-cozy pair of tall sweats, or an airy pair of tall men’s shorts.

Fitting Rooms

Finally, we touch on the irony of our inability to fit in a fitting room. When you’re so tall that your head emerges over the row of fitting room stalls, it’s an uncomfortable situation. We should note this problem extends to public bathrooms as well.

American Tall’s Solution: Fitting rooms belong back in 2000 alongside Guy Fieri-inspired frosted tips. You can shop online for tall men’s clothing in the comfort of your proportionally-sized home.


Tall things considered, living tall is living large - and it gets better with American Tall’s selection of tall clothing designed just for you.

We’d also love to hear about your tall guy problems. Tweet to @AmericanTall.