A Tall Man’s Sweater Style Guide

Sweaters have kept tall men warm since the 1920’s, giving suited gentlemen a casual clothing alternative they could smoke tobacco and drink moonshine in.

From there, they took off as one of men’s most essential clothing pieces. Fashionable athletic men from across the globe adopted the masculine sweater for sports, reducing the common multiple layers of clothing they’d need to keep warm into one flexible piece.

Fast forward to 2018, and crewnecks and v-necks have been through an array of colors, patterns, varieties and designs, woven from natural to synthetic fiers.

Where does that leave us today? We’ll help you find that sweater swagger with our sweater style guide:

Tall Men’s Crewnecks & V-Necks

Until now, it was impossible to find a tall crewneck or v-neck tailored to your tall frame.

Our tall men’s crewneck and V-neck sweaters are everything you’re looking for: soft, smart, and comfortable. Damn comfortable.

american-tall-sweater-indigo american-tall-v-neck-red american-tall-sweater-charcoal

Sweater Style #1: The Everyday

The classic crewneck or V-neck sweater calls for equally timeless classics.

The Everyday sweater style is our favorite, merging a hodge-podge of on-trend men’s essentials.

Start with a tall crewneck sweater, combine it with a light chambray shirt, and then offset the entire outfit with rugged, steel-blue or dark denim jeans for an effortlessly cool combo. Don’t forget your best Buxton boots or your go-to pair of leather chukka boots, too. Accent your outfit with a watch and maybe a naval-inspired jacket to complete this casual, Americana-light look.

Sweater Style #2: Business Boys

Yes, your tall sweater even has a place in professional settings.

The key is layering – put on that light chambray shirt again, but swap the dark demin for some slim fit chinos. Many men are pulling off the business-casual-clothing-with-sneakers getup, and you can do the same (we’ve picked out our favorite sneaker for tall guys, check them out here). For an accent piece, consider a dignified leather chronograph or similar.

Sweater Style #3: To the Nine’s

Inspired by Mr. Justin Theroux of GQ, this is a sweater style hack worth copycatting.

You’ve probably seen it before, but had no idea how to imitate it. We’re talking about the ‘crewneck sweatshirt under a suit’ outfit.

Our tall crewnecks and V-necks are crisp and understated, meaning you can sport any suit style with any of our sweaters. The only advice we have is to make sure your suit fits and is appropriately tailored to your unique frame – a man in a lumpy, ill-fitting suit is as attractive as a man in muumuu.

Sweater Style #4: The Onion

We don’t call this style The Onion because it’s an ironically cool outfit, much like the ironic news publication of the same name.

No, it’s because onions are built on layers, and this sweater style is too.


Switch up that shirt game with a button-down of choice, with your tall V-neck layered underneath, and complete with your preferred coat or outerwear. For pants, any form of denim works depending on your shirt and sweater color combo. Comfortable construction-like boots inject function and fashion to finish the look.

Do it right, and you have rugged, comfortable outfit that’s perfect for a weekend coffee date or bar night with the boys.

Sweater Style #5: I Care, But I Don’t Care

If your appearance is important to you, but you don’t want to give the impression that it does, you’ll want to take notes on this tall man’s sweater style.


This look incorporates high-low style, combining high-fashion, tailored pieces of clothing like American Tall’s men’s sweaters with everyday, casual clothes.

We prefer a classy top half with a laid-back bottom half; rock your V-neck or crewneck sweater with a chambray shirt to take care of the class, and a pair of tapered joggers or fitted sweatpants to take care of the as…uh, bottom half.

A tough field watch is an ideal complimentary accent, and for shoes, it’s one of the rare occasions we don’t recommend athletic kicks. Aim for casual sneakers for maximum versatility and comfort.

Once you try on our new crewnecks and v-necks for tall guys, you’ll never want to take them off. Smart and sophisticated, these sweaters are 65% cotton, 35% polyester, and 100% unabashed comfort.