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A Round Up of Our Favorite Fall Coats for Tall Men and Women

The tell-tale signs of fall are in the air! The days are getting shorter, the nights are colder, and it’s getting harder to go outside without taking a jacket.

Finding jackets and coats for tall men (and women!) is a significant challenge for many tall folks. There aren’t many options made for your frame, and it can be frustrating to be limited in your choices of color, cut, and fit. And, in case you were wondering, finding a more oversized jacket and making do typically won’t work.

We’ll explain why below, then show you some of our favorite tall outerwear for men and women for fall.

Fitting Considerations When Choosing Coats for Tall Women and Men

So, why is buying a larger size of outerwear not an option? For jackets and other clothing items designed to keep you warm, it’s all about the fit.

If a jacket or other outdoor garment is too small, it tends to reveal a significant amount of skin that needs to be kept warm. This can make you feel uncomfortably cold and sometimes even lead to frostbite.

However, wearing a jacket that’s much too large can also put you at risk. The torso of a jacket is designed to hug the body, offering warmth to the neck and sides of the chest, which are parts of the body that lose heat the fastest. If you have a coat that fits through the arms but is gaping open at the neck, it lets precious heat escape, and you’ll feel cold much sooner than you would if you had a well-fitting jacket.

2022’s Best Men’s Tall Outerwear

Now that you know more about the importance of well-fitting outerwear, let’s showcase some of our favorite options for tall men’s jackets for Fall 2022.

Tall Hooded Raincoat

Certain areas of North America like the Pacific Northwest are well-known for the rain they receive throughout the fall and winter. However, regardless of where you live, everyone needs a great raincoat in their wardrobe.

This tall hooded raincoat helps you stay dry while looking cool, thanks to the generous hood, bonded seams, and Velcro cuff closures. Plus, it’s available in black, navy, and grey to go with any outfit.

Men's tall hooded rain jacket by American Tall Hooded tall rain jacket for men by American Tall

Tall Zip Trench

The American Tall tall zip trench coat is a sophisticated option for every day. It’s designed for three-season wear and skims the body while leaving space for layering on the coldest days. It’s made from a cotton and polyester exterior to keep you dry, while the satin interior provides a luxurious touch next to the skin.

This is one of our favorite men’s tall jackets since it can easily be dressed up or down to suit any outfit.

Trench coat for tall men by American Tall Tall trench coat for men by American Tall

Tall Wool Coat

Every guy needs a dapper wool coat that they can pull over a suit or a blazer for formal winter evenings. Our version of the tall wool coat is made in deep and plush charcoal wool with some cotton blended in to give it more structure. The coat is fully lined with lightly padded shoulders, which provides a sharp and stylish finish.

Wool coat for tall men by American Tall Inside detailing of men's tall wool coat by American Tall

Our Favorite Jackets for Tall Women

Don’t think we forgot about the tall women’s jackets that we have available this season! We’re proud to offer many options for women ranging from 5'9” to 6'6” who are frustrated with the lack of choice available from major brands.

Tall Warm-Up Jacket

Our tall warm-up jacket is a fantastic layering piece for every season. Whether you’re hanging out on the couch or headed out for an afternoon jog, this warm-up jacket neatly frames your torso and keeps the cold wind out. The flattering slim cut and the stretchy poly-spandex fabric make this one of the most versatile pieces we offer.

Since it sits so close to the body, it fits under most tall women’s outerwear and can easily be worn as a base layer in colder weather. It’s available in bright white, black, and beetroot red.

American Tall's athletic zip jacket for tall women Inside detailing of women's tall athletic zip jacket by American Tall

Tall Hooded Puffer

If you live somewhere with weather that regularly dips below freezing, you need a puffer jacket. This coat is one of the warmest options around but can look unflattering and feel awkward if it doesn’t fit right.

Fortunately, our version of the tall hooded puffer coat is designed specifically to fit a taller woman’s frame. The subtle waist shaping and added body length help make it look flattering, while the polyester fill and cozy hood keep you warm, no matter the weather.

American Tall hooded puffer jacket for tall women Zipper detail of women's tall puffer jacket by American Tall

Find All Your Favorite New Coats for Tall Men and Women at American Tall.

At American Tall, we believe that your outerwear is just as important as the rest of the clothes you wear. That’s why we offer a wide variety of coats for tall women and men, designed and manufactured specifically to fit your taller frame.

Want to see what’s new for the Fall 2022 season for tall men and tall women? Check out our website today to see the complete collection.