A Guide to Layering Clothes for Tall Women and Men

A Guide to Layering Clothes for Tall Women and Men

Dressing well as a tall person doesn’t just stop once you buy the right clothes. For tall women and men, dressing well can be an equally dubious challenge.

It isn’t just about looking put together. A lot of taller people who struggle to find clothes that fit have a hard time feeling comfortable in their outfits, and find it challenging to define their own personal style when their choices are limited by mass-market availability. Fortunately, when you’re able to find a store that supplies a wide variety of tall women’s clothing, or even extra tall men’s clothing, it gets a lot easier.

Today, we’ll talk about one of our favorite tricks to adding more style and flair to an outfit. Layering is a useful fashion skill that seems easy to do but can be pretty tricky to get right. By investing in great base pieces, then playing around with how you wear them and pair them, you can create an interesting and versatile wardrobe without spending a ton of money.

Let’s delve into this fun, sophisticated, and environmentally friendly fashion skill.

Getting Better at Layering
Layering doesn’t just mean throwing on any random collection of clothing and calling it a day.

Especially when you’re tall, you need to be careful about the proportions of every piece you’re wearing, and how they interact with each other. For example, don’t pair a slouchy pair of pants with an even slouchier shirt. That’s a quick way to look sloppy.

Layering also won’t cover up clothing that doesn’t fit correctly. Too many people try to throw on a hoodie or long-sleeved shirt, hoping to cover up a t-shirt that’s too tight in the armpits or too short at the waist. Layering isn’t a substitute for well-fitting clothing. When it’s done right, it highlights everything you have on.

To ensure that your clothes fit correctly and work well together, try some of our favorite layering pieces from American Tall.

Our Favorite Tall Women’s Clothing Layering Pieces
1.Tall Jersey Tank
A soft, breathable jersey tank is a great base piece for any outfit.

Tall-Womens-Tank tall-womens-tank-top

2. Tall Bodysuit
You’ll never have to worry about your shirt pulling out of your waistband if you opt for a bodysuit.


3.Black Skinny Jeans
These curve-hugging jeans are a great building block for any outfit.

tall-womens-black-jeans tall-womens-black-jeans

Tall Men’s Clothing Layering Must-Haves
1.Plaid Button-Up Shirt
This stylish shirt looks great solo, or worn open and layered with a t-shirt.

mens-tall-long-sleeve-button-up-tall-shirt mens-tall-long-sleeve-button-up-tall-shirt

2. Denim Jacket
There’s no better layering piece than a classic, simple denim jacket in a medium blue wash.


3. Tall Blazer
Going from day to night? You need a classic blazer, which can dress up any casual outfit.

tall-mens-blazer tall-mens-blazer

Make Layering Easier with Tall Clothes from American Tall
When it comes to layering, throw out all the tired style rules you learned as a kid. You can make any outfit work, as long as the components fit and work well together.

At American Tall, all of our pieces are made with taller proportions in mind, which is why we have so many sizes of tall and extra tall men’s clothing. We’ve even started offering a larger lineup of women’s items, with more in stock every month.

Shop online today to find your next layering staples.