A Compendium of Our Favorite Tall Men’s Shirts

A Compendium of Our Favorite Tall Men’s Shirts

When it comes to long-sleeved shirts, most guys have a lot of options. Whether you’re looking for a slouchy flannel or a crisp dress shirt for a day at the office, our shirt is often the defining piece of any outfit.
When it comes to tall men’s shirts, our needs are no different, but the options we’re offered are a lot more limited. It’s so frustrating to find the perfect shirt only to have your wrists exposed or shoulders completely constricted. When you’re getting dressed up for an occasion, the shirt you wear should fit right – no exceptions. 
Fortunately, now there are plenty of different options available to tall guys everywhere, and there’s no need to sacrifice on quality or style. Today, we’re bringing you some of our favorite options for tall men, including tall oxford shirts and other menswear favorites.

The Tall Oxford Shirt
Made specifically for tall men, our version of the tall Oxford shirt has all the hallmarks of this classic menswear staple. The two most important aspects of an Oxford shirt that differentiate it from a regular dress shirt are the button-down collar and the heavier woven fabric. This fabric gives it a softer, more casual look.

For a look that sits in-between a dress shirt and an Oxford shirt, opt for a pinpoint Oxford shirt, which is made with a finer weave, so it’s beautiful while still being durable enough for daily wear.

The Tall Flannel Shirt
Our men’s tall flannel shirts are going to be your next winter favorite. The flannel fabric, which is made with a characteristic looser weave and brushed texture, is perfect for cold weather. The looser weave also makes the fabric more breathable, ensuring it keeps you warm without causing unpleasant, sweaty pits.

Many flannel shirts are made with plaid or tartan, which are woven patterns made with two or more colors. Many people use the phrases ‘flannel shirt’ and ‘plaid shirt’ interchangeably, but technically any shirt that’s made with flannel fabric is a flannel shirt, regardless of what pattern is woven into it.

The Tall Dress Shirt
We have several different dress shirt options available for tall guys who need to look stylish at the office, or for a formal occasion. Typically, dress shirts are made with a light fabric like poplin or twill, and button from the collar to the waist.

There are several different collar options available, but the most popular are the spread collar, or straight point collar. They’re available in any color you could ever want, but the most common choices are white and blue.

The Tall Chambray Shirt
A chambray shirt is the perfect option for a casual yet pulled-together look. It’s made with a unique type of fabric that uses a mixture of white and colored threads while it’s being woven. The result is a beautiful, muted color and a soft drape that looks amazing paired with jeans or chinos.

The Tall Polo Shirt
The polo shirt is a summer staple, made from knitted cotton rather than a woven fabric like all the other shirts we’ve profiled today. It has a collar that sits above three vertical buttons. It was originally worn by tennis players, and now this short-sleeved classic is embraced by athletes and everyday guys all over the world.

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