With the craft and specialty beer boom upping the demand for superb brews at accessible price points, large format cans are having a comeback.

Long considered the preferred choice of those whose standard for suds was that they be plentiful rather than flavourful, tall cans (16oz/473 mL, with some outsize exceptions) are increasingly being produced by more refined or niche brewers whose customers who appreciate both quality and quantity. Proving that tall boys have good taste, we consider our seven starter picks.

Fuller’s London Porter (England)


Rich, dark and complex, with flavours of dark chocolate and molasses. Refreshingly bitter.

Boddington’s Pub Ale (England)

Deep gold in colour, a creamy head leads to a honeyed and hoppy finish.

 Zywiec (Poland)

This popular Polish brew has surprising notes of nutmeg and a clean citrus palate. Uncomplicated, light and easy drinking.

Guinness Draught (Ireland)

Established in 1759, this classic sets the standard for dry stout. Mahogany in colour, medium body with toasted malt aromas and a touch of bitterness.

Tall Grass Brewing Co. Buffalo Sweat (United States)

This oatmeal cream stout from a Kansas-based craft brewery is the palate-pleasing dark beer for those who swear they don’t like dark beer. Milk sugar flavours and a complex espresso aroma.

Sapporo Premium Beer (Japan)

This light-bodied lager is pure pleasure. Flavours of citrus and hops lead to a clean finish. The relatively streamlined flavour profile makes it a great dinner companion, pairing with everything from sushi to burgers.

Warsteiner Premium Pilsener (Germany)

A beautiful, full-bodied blend with aromas of flowers and hops in equal measure. Rich, spicy and thirst quenching.

Prices vary by country. See local spirits stockist for details.