Cutting Boards  That Rise To Their Level

Cutting Boards That Rise To Their Level

As a tall man, you face many challenges those of “normal” height don’t understand. Low kitchen counters are one of the most vexing for any tall guy who enjoys a good home-cooked meal.

The standard kitchen counter sits at 36”.

That’s about the length of your legs, give or take a few inches. Seriously.

How are you supposed to dice onions for your famous barbecue sauce or filet that fish you caught this morning? If one enjoys it, cooking should be relaxing. It’s hard to relax, however, when back and shoulder strain cast a shadow on your mis-en-place.

Julia Child had her countertops raised to accommodate her height, but there’s a simpler solution.

Put your cutting boards on legs.

People stand on stools to gain height. Why not raise your workspace to bridge the gap between you and your kitchen prep surface?

The idea came to us from several 2010 posts touting a line of cutting boards from AWP Butcher Block, which has now gone out of business. Their raised cutting boards were made of hard maple with walnut legs as tall as 10”. They were things of beauty that eased the pain of tall men working in a short man’s world.

Image Credit: via The Kitchn

AWP Butcher Block may be gone, but the idea of elevating your cutting board is solid, so we tracked down a DIY project over on With an existing wooden cutting board, 4 posts, and 16 screws, you can DIY it or hire a carpenter to make it so.

Here is the “after” picture of the finished product.

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If you find a product like this elsewhere or decide to make one yourself, send us a pic. Because we think it’s time to raise your game in the kitchen (literally) without back pain.