Optimize Your Tall Man’s Shower Experience With 3 Simple Upgrades

Optimize Your Tall Man’s Shower Experience With 3 Simple Upgrades

If you’re like most tall men, you’ve experienced your fair share of shower frustration. You shouldn’t have to squat to rinse your hair or angle your body just to turn around. Your head shouldn’t bang the wall when you reach for the shampoo.

But it does.

Let’s face it. Showers are built for short people.

It’s one thing when you face this challenge in a hotel, where a brief stay reveals an end in sight. If your home shower cramps your style, however, it sucks.

Fortunately, even in an older home with traditionally sized tubs and showers, a few minor enhancements can take your shower from infuriating to invigorating.

3 Simple, Cost-Effective Ways to Optimize the Tall Man’s Shower Experience

  1. Make your showerhead mind its manners. You should not shower at the mercy of your showerhead and its sharp, head-denting edges. It’s cheap and easy to replace your way-too-low showerhead with a more modern option.

 An adjustable sliding showerhead lets you easily adjust the height of your shower by sliding the showerhead up or down a sliding bar. Just as importantly, it allows the next person in the shower to adjust it to their comfortable height. The showerhead also releases to become a hand held version, providing maximum flexibility and control. Installation involves drilling into tiles, so you may want to engage a handyman to assist.

An adjustable arm showerhead also provides flexibility with simple installation. It allows you to easily move the showerhead up and down and adjust its angle. Most lock in place. You will have a limited range of showerhead heights, but this may be the best solution for you if you’re not comfortable drilling into tile and don’t want to pay a handyman.

  1. Give yourself more breathing room. Traditional bathtub showers can bring on immediate feelings of claustrophobia. In the “why didn’t they think of this sooner” category, someone invented the curved shower rod. With a few screws into drywall, you can replace your straight shower curtain rod with one that gives you a significant (and appreciated) amount of space.
  1. Keep your products close at hand. You need the right products for your skin type, and you shouldn’t have to hit your head or pull a muscle trying to pluck them from a knee-high soap dish. Don’t reach again – bring your products to you by purchasing a hanging shower caddy or an adjustable, tension-rod shower organizer. Both are inexpensive and easy to install. Most importantly, they put your products in easy reach for a relaxing shower sans head bumps.

You deserve an excellent shower no matter how tall you are. So grab a tool belt. These simple changes will make your shower experience sing.

Photo credit: kohler.com