4 Tall Menswear Essentials for the 4th of July

Unless you’re Steve Rogers or an actual American flag, rocking red, white, and blue tastefully on Independence Day is a tall task, even for the tallest of men like yourself.

Here are our handpicked tall menswear pieces for Independence Day that aren’t as loud as the fireworks, but maintain that American patriotism.

Tall Men’s Dark Denim Jacket

James Dean. John Wayne. Bruce Springsteen. And now [your name here].

 tall-denim-jacket-front tall-denim-jacket dark-denim-mens-jacket

The latest member to join the American Tall family, our tall men’s dark denim jackets are here just in time for Independence Day barbeques, parades, and ball games. Worn day-in and day-out by American icons, these tall jackets represent America and your sense of style – wind-tossed, sun-beaten, careless, confident.

The American Tall denim jacket is a memory you can wear - a nod to the long work days with your old man, the post-war industry of your grandfather, the hard justice of the dusty west.

Slim-Fit Crewneck Tall Men’s Tee in Airforce Blue


Aptly named Airforce Blue, our slim-fit crewneck tall men’s tees are perfect for informal Fourth of July shindigs. Rock one solo to your buddy’s barbeque and backyard fireworks show, or layer it with your go-to Americana outfit. There’ll be enough stars and stripes out, so a solid color choice is subtle and smart.

Made for taller guys, these soft-stretch cotton tall tees are 95% cotton, and 5% spandex for long-lasting comfort. Much like our tall denim collection, our men’s crewneck tees conform to your body's shape every time you wear them.

Tall Board Shorts in Ruby Red

 tall-board-shorts-ruby-red mens-tall-board-shorts-red mens-tall-board-shorts

Vibrant reds can be hard to pull off without going full-on obnoxious. American Tall’s Ruby Red Board Shorts are bold yet understated, providing balance to the expected blues and whites you’ll be repping on the 4th.

While these tall board shorts are made for slim, skinny, or athletic builds, there’s ample real estate for your legs to feel free.

Because that’s what America’s about. Let freedom ring.

The Oskar Tall Dress Shirt in White

 tall-mens-dress-shirt-white oskar-dress-shirt-white mens-tall-dress-shirt-white

Tucked in under a tall blazer, or sleeves rolled up on a boat, the Oskar tall dress shirt is adaptable to whatever Independence Days throws at you (unless it’s the alien invasion Will Smith faced in the classic Independence Day).

Comprised of the highest quality cotton hybrid, the boldest cuts, and the sharpest lines, this tall dress shirt is what Abraham Lincoln would’ve worn for his stirring speeches. Just be sure to keep that fresh dress shirt clear of the dangers of hot dog and beer stains.

Join the fashion revolution for tall men. As the Founding Fathers of slim and tall men’s clothing, celebrate the 4th with our collection of fits for tall guys.