Our Tall Style Suggestions for this Month

Our Tall Style Suggestions for this Month

We’re living in uncertain times, but it doesn’t mean your style should be. It might not be all patio drinks and mixers, but the summer still has opportunities to show you know what’s up; even from a distance. Here are our top tall men’s picks for summer 2020.

Athleisure bottoms 

Business casual has finally made room for shorts in the dress code. When your office is the couch, the options are even more broad.The Tall Men’s Engineered Athletic Shorts with a slim cut and hidden elastic allow comfort and range of motion, without sacrificing aesthetic. 

 Properly fitted swim trunks 

We get it. You’re *definitely* not socially distancing with any of the boys. But *if* you end up at an event with a pool, lake, or boat, the short swim shorts trend isn’t for everyone (trust me, I’m a former lifeguard). If length is priority, our Men’s Tall Swim Trunks in royal blue and Tall Board Shorts in charcoal grey mix confirm you’re still fun... just not thighs out FTB fun. 


Bold Summer Colours 

The summer’s colour report has quite a few louder tones. We suggest a clean-cut shirt for on-trend colours, keeping your look fresh without looking like you tried too hard.


Summer staple shorts 

When choosing shorts, we have a few style suggestions to last you through to following summers. The preppy aesthetic of the Tall Men’s Chino Shorts are great for a cleaner style profile or stricter golf course dress codes. 


 If you have a more casual approach to fashion, the Tall Men’s Knit Cargo Pocket Shorts still keep you stylish for backyard barbeques and dinners with the fam. 


 And for the days when you're lounging around the house but still need to look good opening the door for your third American Tall order this month; try out our Knit Athletic Shorts. You can pair them with anything from a Basic Essentials Tee to one of our 80-20 Fleece Hoodies. 


We hope that our suggestions keep your summer on-trend, but we’re always looking for feedback! If you have questions, comments or suggestions about our products, be sure to fill out our Tall Men’s Survey so we can have your back.