4 Tall Menswear First-Round Picks for Football Season

Finally, football season is upon us.

If you’re a diehard gridiron fan like the American Tall crew, you know the NFL season is as much of a grind for fans as it is for the players. And if you want to last the 16-game schedule, you’ll need more than just your favorite player’s jersey to endure all the tailgating, Sunday night games, and spilled nacho cheese stains that’ll ensue.

Here are our first-round picks of tall menswear for watching football on the couch, at the bar, or at the stadium.

American Tall 80-20 Fleece Pullover

When NFL season creeps into winter, beer and a knit jersey can only keep you warm for so long.

If you want to sit comfortably in the stadium, the American Tall 80-20 Fleece Pullover features a higher cotton content (80% cotton, 20% polyester) for a blend that’s softer, longer-lasting, and more durable than Andrew Luck (seriously, that guy can’t stay on the field). These tall hoodies are impossibly comfortable, meaning you can toss on the hood and catch some Z’s even amongst the rowdiest tailgate.

Available in a number of colors, you’ll want at least two of these tall fleece pullovers (home and away, obviously).

American Tall 80-20 Tall Fleece Joggers

For a long time, tall men had as much trouble finding fitted, comfortable joggers as Antonio Brown does finding a helmet that fits (update: the search continues).

navy-jogger-80-20-tall jogger-collection-80-20-american-tall

We don’t have a solution for AB, but our 80-20 Tall Fleece Joggers are the ideal game day attire for however you like to watch football. These tall men’s joggers are another addition to the athleisure craze, making them perfectly suitable for games at the bar or stadium. We tweaked the design to meet your demands, with a streamlined, slimmer fit that ensures you don’t look like an offensive lineman.

Durable and made of 80% cotton, we guarantee the American Tall 80-20 tall fleece men’s joggers will withstand the full slate of Sunday football.

American Tall Men’s Pajamas

For NFL fans that must have one eye on the game and one eye on their fantasy football team, American Tall’s Men’s Pajamas are essential game day gear for the couch.


These tall pajama bottoms are our finest, softest, nappiest set to date, comprised of 100% cotton for 100% comfort. For a perfect day of Sunday football, just add beer, wings, and various crunchy snacks.

The only downside of our tall men’s PJs is you may never want to leave the couch – but since it’s NFL season, we respect that dedication to the game.

For comfy tall menswear that’ll provide performance and longevity like Tom Brady, shop American Tall for all your game day getups.